Videos of Genocide - Dr. Nurul Ula

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I went to sleep early on the night of 25th March. Had read in the newspapers that very day that an understanding between Bangabandhu and Yahya Khan would follow soon. So everyone was rather relaxed. We woke up in the middle of the night at the sound of a huge explosion.

The continuous firing and mortar noises began just after a short break. We took shelter in the passage between the bedroom and washroom to save ourselves from stray bullets. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and a while later crawled near the window to peek at what was happening outside.

Walking for Justice

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A nation started walking in 1971. The country, Bangladesh creed for justice for 42 years. After all these years finally the time has arrived. International Crimes Tribunals (ICT) Bangladesh was set up in 2009 to try the collaborators who helped Pakistani army to commit crimes against humanity. Three verdicts came from the tribunal and the party who opposed the birth of Bangladesh Jamaat E Islami where most of the war criminals belong to, started severe unrest in Bangladesh including attacking, murdering, raping, looting assets of religious minorities, demolishing temples, police stations or other government set up.

With regards to BTRC's probe into bloggers' personal info

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Timeline of attacks on Hindus (Feb 28 to March 8)

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28th February and 1st March

• Jamaat-Shibir fanatics wreaked havoc on the Hindu community across the country. They vandalized at least six temples, including one of Buddhists, and torched houses and business establishments of Hindu people in Noakhali, Gaibandha, Chittagong, Rangpur, Laxmipur, Thakurgaon, Sylhet, Chapainawabganj and elsewhere in the country.

The British parliament will raise the issue of the attack on the religious minorities

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The issue of attacks on the religious minorities throughout Bangladesh by the Jaamat-Shibir activists after the death verdict of war-criminal Delowar Hossain Sayeedi is being raised in the British Parliament.

Grassroots Shibir activists not happy with “un-islamic” lifestyle of top Jamaat families

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Translated from The Daily Janakantha. Original:

BNP - The Comedy Continues.

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I'd like to start this piece with a disclaimer - I have not been payed to criticize BNP (or been bribed with free biriyani to support Shahbag).

CNN silences a report exposing Islamist’s White House Scam

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Submitted by armanrashid [Guest] on Mon, 11/03/2013 - 10:26pm

An iReport article that exposed an email scam regarding a petition submitted to the White House is recently taken down by CNN. The White House petition is organized by Jamaat-Islami-Bangladesh (JIB), demanding support from the Obama administration to stop the war crimes tribunals currently held in Bangladesh.

The Dirty Tricks of Jamaat Shibir

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Since the establishment of International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) to prosecute the war criminals of Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, Jamaat-e-Islami is desperately trying to foil the trial in order to save its top leaders, who are indicted for war crimes.