The British parliament will raise the issue of the attack on the religious minorities

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The issue of attacks on the religious minorities throughout Bangladesh by the Jaamat-Shibir activists after the death verdict of war-criminal Delowar Hossain Sayeedi is being raised in the British Parliament.

At noon, local time, on Tuesday, Lord Avebury, vice-chairman of the "All party parliamentary human rights" visited the protest held in front of the British parliament against the rampage of Jaamat-Shibir to show his solidarity and informed the protestors about it.

Influential British politician and Labor party M.P., Jeremy Corbyn and former minister and Labor party M.P., Jim Fitts came to the protest, held from 11am-1pm, to show their solidarity.

During his visit, Lord Avebury told Banglanews that the Bangladeshi High Commissioner in London has been asked for details regarding this issue. He also stated that the British Foreign Office will be asked about the position of the British Government on these serious crimes against humanity.

Labor party MP and former minister Jim Fitts condemned the attack of Jaamat-Shibir on the religious minorities, especially attack on the Hindu community and destruction of their temples and said, “The people of Britain are by your side on this moment of crisis. Everyone has the right to express his ambiguity on any issue. It does not mean that any group will be involved in an act of violence to show their grievance and ambiguity."

This labor party MP, belonging from the Bangladeshi inhabited Poplar and Cunnigtown, urged the Bangladeshi government to put those involved with the attack on the religious minorities immediately on trial and said, “Those who are involved in such crimes against humanity are a threat to civilization and it is the demand of civilization to resist them."

Jim Fitts said," We will raise the issue of safety of the Bangladeshi minorities in the British parliament and ask the Foreign Office regarding the thoughts of the British government on this."
The British politician, Jeremy Corbyn MP said to the protestors, “I have come to show my solidarity towards you. Any act of violence against a certain society in the disguise of freedom of expression cannot be tolerated in a civilized country."

He also said, “Attacks on religious minorities to show grief against the judgment of court is a crime against humanity. Those involved in such activities are not a part of the civilized society."
He also agreed with the protestors' demand for setting up a special tribunal for the trial of the attacks on minorities and said, “They have complained that the accused might escape through the gaps of law in the criminal court. I think it requires special attention."

He said that the government cannot avoid liability for the safety of the minorities and further added, “The British people are ready to provide all sorts of assistance to the Bangladeshi government in order to combat this type of crime."

The protestors started gathering in front of the British parliament from 11am.They carried banners and festoons with various slogans and demands.

They protested against the attacks by Jaamat-Shibir activists by repeated slogans. They demanded to immediately ban the political activities of Jaamat-Shibir and ensure the safety of the minorities.

Prominent communist leader Dilip Barua said to Banglanews," No matter what happens in Bangladesh the Hindus are usually the victims."

He said that the attacks on minorities call for the formation of a special tribunal and added, “Judgment of this type of attacks should be settled by forming a permanent tribunal. Because in criminal law, people refrain from providing witness due to fear and as a result the accused gets away unpunished."
In addition to protest in front of the British parliament the leaders of the minorities' society held meeting with the Foreign office and Amnesty International. They presented the rampage of the Jaamat-Shibir activists on the minorities after the death verdict of Sayeedi.
The British Foreign Office has assured the leaders of the minorities that they are communicating with the Bangladeshi government on the matter.



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They should specifically acknowledge Jamaat-e-Islam's role in these attacks and take steps to check its activities in UK. Merely protesting the attacks won't do, the perpetrators will continue to remain unapprehended. It's no secret that the community surrounding East London Mosque is a Jamaat stronghold.

Big Brother is watching you.

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