Timeline of attacks on Hindus (Feb 28 to March 8)

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28th February and 1st March

• Jamaat-Shibir fanatics wreaked havoc on the Hindu community across the country. They vandalized at least six temples, including one of Buddhists, and torched houses and business establishments of Hindu people in Noakhali, Gaibandha, Chittagong, Rangpur, Laxmipur, Thakurgaon, Sylhet, Chapainawabganj and elsewhere in the country.
• Jamaat Shibir violence destitute 76 Hindu families in Noakhali, 36 houses were set to fire and at the same time, 53 houses were looted and destroyed.
• Residences of Bhuiya and Banik families were set on fire which resulted in 6 injured in Begumganj.
• Jewelry shop of Hindu community being looted in Begumganj.
• Harishiva temple and eight houses were set on fire in Rajgonj of Noakhali.
• In Chittagong, Jamaat-Shibir men attacked two Hindu-majority localities at Jaldi union of Banshkhali upazila, set ablaze a Buddhist temple and three shops belonging to Hindu people at Kaliaish union and Satkania upazila.
• Houses were set on fire at Dhopapara and Mohajonpara of the union. Jamaat Shibir attacked people with sticks, iron rods and sharp weapons which resulted two people being critically wounded.
• During the attack, the Jamaat-Shibir men also threatened newsmen to keep from covering the incident and took away cameras of photojournalists. They also forcefully picked up television crew Mohtasim Billah Sabuj.
• In Gaibandha, Rioters attacked a temple and business establishments belonging to Hindus at Bhelkobazar in Sundarganj upazila. They also swooped on and vandalized some houses in Shovaganj union.
• Attackers had vandalized the central Kali temple at Mithapukur upazila in Rangpur and another at Kansat in Chapainawabganj.
• One Victim, Shankar Chandra said, "We ran for our lives leaving everything behind. I was only seven during the Liberation War in 1971, but it didn't feel this insecure even then". [1]
• Khogen Chandra Dey, an 80 years old victim said. "I have seen the war of 71, but even in that war, nothing of this sort had happened in these areas. This incident is worse than the rampage of the razakars during the Liberation war of 1971." [3]

Hindus under attack [1]

Friday, March 1, 2013, the Daily Star

Lashing a déjà vu of 1971, Jamaat-Shibir fanatics yesterday wreaked havoc on the Hindu community across the country. They damaged at least six temples, including one of Buddhists, and torched houses and business establishments of Hindu people in Noakhali, Gaibandha, Chittagong, Rangpur, Sylhet, Chapainawabganj and elsewhere in the country. In Rajganj of Noakhali, Jamaat-Shibir men set ablaze a temple and eight houses of the Hindu community. The Jamaat-Shibir men also looted a jewelry shop owned by a hindu, Biplob Sarkar at Chandraganj Purbo Bazar in Begumganj. Witnesses and police said hours after top Jamaat leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee had been sentenced to death, the marauding activists equipped with firearms, iron rods and kerosene set fire to Harishiva temple in Rajganj market area at 3:30pm. "They returned an hour later. This time we were left with no choice but to flee the area, as they started torching our houses with kerosene," schoolteacher Shankar Chandra, who lost his house in the attack, told The Daily Star over the phone.
Some 50 Hindu people used to live in the houses burnt down, he said, adding that all but a few people had managed to escape to safety. Those left behind had been beaten up and kicked out of their houses by the Jamaat-Shibir attackers. “We ran for our lives leaving everything behind. I was only seven during the Liberation War in 1971, but it didn't feel this insecure even then," said Shankar Chandra.
In Chittagong, Jamaat-Shibir men attacked two Hindu-majority localities at Jaldi union of Banshkhali upazila and set ablaze a Buddhist temple at Satkania upazila of the district yesterday. They set fire to houses at Dhopapara and Mohajonpara of the union and attacked people with sticks, iron rods and sharp weapons, said Inspector Md Shahjahan of Banshkhali Police Station. Two people had been critically wounded in the attack, said the inspector, adding that the injured had been undergoing treatment at upazila health complex.
Jamaat-Shibir men also set ablaze three shops belonging to Hindu people at Kaliaish union of Satkania upazila, said Additional Superintendent (South) Md Iltutmish of Chittagong Metropolitan Police. During the attack, the Jamaat-Shibir men also threatened newsmen to keep from covering the incident and took away cameras of photojournalists. They also forcefully picked up television crew Mohtasim Billah Sabuj. Locals later rescued Sabuj and took him to safety.
In Gaibandha, Rioters of Jamaat-e-Islami and student body Islamic Chhatra Shibir attacked a temple and business establishments belonging to Hindus at Bhelkobazar in Sundarganj upazila of the district yesterday afternoon. Later in the evening, they swooped on and vandalized some houses in Shovaganj union. Meanwhile, Hindu community leaders last night told The Daily Star that vandalism, arson and looting took place in temples, houses and business establishments of Hindu people in Sylhet, Rangpur, Thakurgaon, Laxmipur and Chapainawabganj.
According to them, attackers had vandalised the central Kali temple at Mithapukur upazila in Rangpur and another at Kansat in Chapainawabganj. "We are observing the situation. So far we have heard they had attacked and vandalised temples, houses and business establishments of Hindu people at least in 10 districts," said Nirmal Chatterjee, secretary general of Dhaka Mahanagar Puja Committee. “We have informed law enforcers of the situation and sought security to the Hindu community," he added. [1]

Jamaat Shibir violence destitute 76 Hindu families in Noakhali (a report collected from blog). [3]
নোয়াখালীতেজামায়াত-শিবিরেরতান্ডবে৭৬টিহিন্দুপরিবারনিঃস্ব [3]

76 Hindu families have lost everything due to the violence by Jamaat Shibir in the Alampur and Aladin-nogor villages of Rajgonj Union in Noakhali. Many of the people have not been able to eat anything till Friday.
On 28th February, Thursday, 36 houses of those areas have been set to fire by Jamaat Shibir followers just after the verdict of Delwaar Saidee. At the same time, they looted and destroyed 53 houses. There is a sense of fear in the minds of the affected people as the activists of Jamat Shibir were saying while leaving that they would come back and set fire to the rest of the houses which they were not able to do at the first time due to lack of time. The resident of the house that was most affected by fire, Bishkha (aged 50) said that it was worse than the razakars of 1971. Even at that time, the razakars did not set fire to houses like this. They came once in their round and left.
The local people said that just after the verdict, suddenly 100 to 150 people came to create this havoc. Most of these people were 15 to 17 years old teenagers, led by some masked youth and middle aged people. They were chanting "Naraye Takbir, Allahu Akbar" (a common extremist chant of Jamaate Islam) while they were setting fire to these houses. The residents of these houses take shelter in nearby muslim houses at this time. They also destroyed 5 temples and statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and then set fire to them. These violent activists severely injured two journalist covering news in those areas and took away their cameras. When Police came to scene, it took two hours struggle to get back control in these areas.
Khogen Chandra Dey, a 80 years old victim said. "I have seen the war of 71, but even in that war, nothing of this sort had happened in these areas. This incident is worse than the rampage of the razakars during the Liberation war of 1971."[3]

[1]. Hindus under attack
[2]. Jamaat men attack Hindus in Noakhali
[3]. নোয়াখালীতেজামায়াত-শিবিরেরতান্ডবে৭৬টিহিন্দুপরিবারনিঃস্ব

2nd March

• Morelganj upazila local Officer in-Charge Mohammad Aslam Uddin told bdnews24.com.
that The Dumuria Sharbajaneen temple in the Ramchandrapur Union, Bagerhat was set to fire [4,5,9,10].
• Residences of Narayan Chandra Basu Chowdhury, President of Awami League’s Banogram Union unit and Taposh Sen of Barurbula village under the same union were also set ablaze [4,5,9].
• A temple in Rajshahi, and a temple at Nalcira union at Gauranadi upazila of Barisal were set on fire.
• A temple in Pingjour village at Chingrekhali and a statue in Gazipur’s Kashimpur area were vandalized.
• Two temples in the Gaiyachor village of Raypur (Lokkhipur) upazila were set on fire [9].
• More than 1,000 homes and nearly 100 places of worship were attacked over the past two days. Many died succumbing to their injuries [6].
• 3 more people killed by violence of Jamaat Islam, taking the total toll to 40 people in last 24 hours. 4 of them have been police officers [8].
• The residences and worship places of religious minority people have been attacked and set to fire in Jaypurhat, Bagherhat and Lokkhipur. At night after 10pm, 3 more temples have been destroyed and arson near the Kutubdiya police station and court after those places have been attacked as well [8].
• Locals told bdnews24.com some of students and teachers of an adjacent madrasa have been absconding following the incident [5].

Minorities resent ‘Jamaat attacks’ [6]
Staff correspondent, bdnews24.com

Members of the Hindu community and their temples in south Chittagong, Noakhali and Bagerhaat were attacked during the violence Thursday and Friday. The Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad formed a human chain in Chittagong Saturday to protest what they called ‘heinous attacks’ by Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir on the country’s minority communities in the wake of the death verdict for Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee.
Rana Dasgupta, the general secretary of the council, a prosecutor of the International Crimes Tribunal, told in a press conference ahead of the human chain programme staged in front of the port city’s Press Club Saturday that " A particular section of people has been creating anarchy across the country ever since Jamaat leader Sayedee was sentenced to death Thursday. This state of lawlessness is affecting the religious minorities the way it happened in 1971. These attacks are definitely by the Jamaat-Shibir activists since Sayedee is a Jamaat leader. "More than 1,000 homes and nearly 100 places of worship were attacked over the past two days. Many died succumbing to their injuries.
“Given the recent spate of violence, we fear that the days before the 2014 elections would be a terrifying one for the racial and religious minorities in the country,” he said. On Thursday’s atrocities in Banshkhali, he said Aminur Rahman Chowdhury, accused in a case of torching 11 members of a Hindu family to death in 2003, had been directly involved in the violence there.
He said two councillors, one of whom is a Jamaat chief of the Banshkhali municipality and another named Abu, had been involved in the atrocities there. Rana Dasgupta said Chairman Rezaul Karim was involved with this incident.
He expressed concern that no one has been arrested so far over the attacks on minorities. A charter of six demands was disclosed at the press briefing that included taking measures against those responsible, listing the victims and initiating measures for their rehabilitation and state action for renovation of the vandalised temples. A procession will be taken out and a rally staged Wednesday at 4pm to press for these demands.[6]

Still attacks going on Hindu houses and temples (a report on banglanews24.com). [11]
হিন্দুদের বাড়িতে, মন্দিরে হামলা চলছেই [11]

Some thugs have set fire to a temple in Morelganj, late at Friday night and as a result, all the idols and statues have turned to ashes. A lot of similar news were coming from all parts of the country after the verdict of Delwar Saidee. The newspapers and TV channel news were full of these news and incidents.
Thugs set fire to six houses in Sheelpara, a local area in Bashkhali, Chittagong. They also killed one elderly, Doyal Hori, with axe before they leave the place. The Loknath Temple, calf, other domestic animals, books, jewelry, and everything possible is been burned down and destroyed in this area.
At Shatkhira, Jamaat Shibir had also attacked more than hundred houses and shops of minority community. Violence took place in Kadamtola, City college circle and Abader Hat of Shatkhira. At Begomgonj of Noakhali, Jamaat Shibir started a procession after Saidees verdict came out and from that procession; people started attacking on houses and temples of minority community.
At Lokkhipur, a temple was set to fire on Thursday night at Raypur. Another attempt on another temple nearby was not successful thanks to the local Police. There were also similar reports coming in from Noakhali, Chittagong, Coxsbazar, Gaibandha, and Chapainababgonj. The local people said that they are not getting help from local Police. The Jamaat Shibir followers are threatening to attack again in those areas.
Jotirmoy Barua, a barrister from Buddhist community, have also complained that there were attacks on Buddhist residents and Pagodas in Chittagong area. He also informed that they are getting complains of temples and residents of Hindu community being attacked.[10]

[4]. Bagerhat Hindu temple set on fire
[5]. Bagerhat, Barisal Hindu temples set ablaze
[6]. Minorities resent ‘Jamaat attacks’
[7]. 2 more Hindu temples, 1 home attacked
[8]. 3 more people killed in the violence by Jamaat Islam.
আহত পুলিশ সদস্যের মৃত্যু, বিভিন্ন স্থানে ১৪৪ ধারা, দেশজুড়ে উদ্বেগ, আতঙ্ক জামায়াতের সহিংসতায় নিহত আরও ৩
[9]. বিভিন্ন স্থানে মন্দিরে হামলা, আগুন প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর
[10]. মোরেলগঞ্জে হিন্দু মন্দির ও বাড়িতে আগুন
[11]. হিন্দুদের বাড়িতে, মন্দিরে হামলা চলছেই

3rd March

• Hindu housewives were threatened to be raped by Jamaat Shibir cadres if they do not break off of their treasured married symbol.
• An old man, Doyalhori, dove into pond to escape. He was hauled out of water and beaten to death [15,16]
• Seven houses and shelter was set to fire.
• The members of the parliament said in the parliament that the Jamaat Shibir is attacking on the minority people and the police similarly like 1971.
• The High Court on Sunday directed the government to ensure full security for Hindu households and their temples which were attacked and vandalised on Thursday at Noakhali’s Begumganj. [12,13]
• During the Strike, the Jamaat Shibir cadres attacked the minority people and set fire to their houses in 12 villages of Ranigonj, North of Moheshpur in Dinajpur district.
• In Dathiya village of Jatshakini union in Bera upazila of Pabna, a statue of Hindu Goddess, Kali was damaged and set to fire.

A summary of reference 18 and 19.

Since 1946, Bengali Hindus in East Bengal, then East Pakistan, and then Bangladesh have repeatedly been the collateral damage of the battles between kings (Raja e raja e juddho).
Between Muslim League and Congress, via Noakhali riots in 1947; between India-Pakistan by proxy during the 1964 riots; between East Pakistan and West Pakistan during the brutal genocide of 1971; between BNP and AL during the 2001 post-election revenge riots.
As a distraction mechanism again and again, as when the Ershad military junta instigated fake Ayodhya-retaliation communal riots to distract from the national protests against the military regime. There have been other moments throughout the last 4o+ years. The chess game continues, and we continue to allow Bengali Hindus to be collateral damage, again and again.
This week, after the Sayeedi verdict, Bengali Hindus have faced vicious attacks by Jamaat-Shibir activists. "Break off the bangles on your hand, or we will rape you" - under such threats from Jamaat Shibir cadres, a housewife from the village of Jolodi in Baashkhali broke off her bangles, treasured symbols for a married Hindu woman, but she was not spared. Neither were more housewives like her.Seven houses and shelter was set to fire and burnt down. Doyalhori, and old man, dove into the nearby pond to escape. He was hauled out of the water and beaten to death with sticks by Jamaat people.
You can reassure Bengali Hindus as much as you want that JI-Shibir represents a small, fanatical fringe element. That majority are tolerant. That Bangladesh is as much their home as any Muslim or any other religion. You can say these words at seminar after seminar, but the damage is done and has been done for four decades now. Our Hindu brothers and sisters are leaving, bit by bit, every day. One day we will wake up to a Bangladesh emptied out of all religious and ethnic diversity and it will be too late. Wake up, please. Before it’s too late.

[12]. HC pulls up government
[13]. HC`s sua-moto rule on Noakhali violence
[14]. নোয়াখালীর বেগমগঞ্জে সংখ্যালঘুদের নিরাপত্তা নিশ্চিতের নির্দেশ
[15]. Diving in to the Water Could Not Save Him – Man Beaten to Death
http://en.sachalayatan.com/jumbojet/48297#Shahbag #JamaatTerror @TejshreeThapa @mg2411
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[17]. হরতালে আট জেলায় হামলা, আগুন, ভাঙচুর (ভিডিও)
[18]. Bengali Hindus, collateral damage, again and again
[19]. Hindus in Noakhali, Banskhali look for answer after attack by Jamaat
http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=271161#Shahbag #JamaatTerror @TejshreeThapa
[20]. পাবনায় কালীমূর্তি ভাঙচুর, অগ্নিসংযোগ

4th March

• The court ordered the government to undertake repair of the houses and temples of the affected Hindu families of Noakhali.
• After the payer, Jamat e Islami supporters spread a rumor from mosques that, one of their leaders, who is recently punished with a death sentence was appearing in the moon. People came outside and with the help of this chaos Jamat and Shibir workers damaged stalls, journalist’s cars and houses in Bogra.
• Jamat Shibir workers got into train as passengers from Komlapur Railway Station and using gunpowder they burnt the train.
• After the verdict of Delowar Hossain Saidi, more than 1500 Hindu houses and more than 50 temples were attacked and damaged by the Jamat Shibir workers throughout the country.
• “Attacks on places of worship and homesteads of people belonging to the religious minority communities, especially Hindus, have become a regular feature as leaders, activists, sympathizers and supporters of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir continue to run riot in the capital Dhaka and elsewhere in the country.”[25]
• A temple of Golpanganj, Kotalipara was vandalized.
• In Dinajpur people and police are guarding and trying to protect the temples together.
• Miscreants set a temple on fire in Shibganj of Chanpainawabganj in the early hours of Monday.[30]

A summary of events mentioned in reference 21 to 30.

“Two Hindu temples and one Hindu homestead came under attack in Barisal and Bagerhat on Saturday; statues of Hindu deities were damaged and set ablaze. The Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Oikya Parishad secretary was quoted in the report as claiming that more than 100 temples and more than 1,000 houses have come under attack since the sentencing to death of frontline Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee by International Crimes Tribunal 1 on February 28 sparked off widespread violence and vandalism by leaders, activists, supporters and sympathisers of Jamaat and Shibir. Although Jamaat has officially denied involvement of its leaders and activists, sympathisers and supporters in the attacks on the religious minority communities, such denials could have very little credibility or acceptability under the circumstances. Moreover, in the past, Jamaat and Shibir have both displayed their predisposition to intolerance of not only other faiths but also other sects within Islam.
Regardless of whoever is responsible for the attacks on the religious minority communities, their places of worship and homesteads, the attacks themselves may not have been unexpected. Even if Jamaat and Shibir were not involved, as they claim, there had always been the possibility that the volatile situation arising out of their violent protests against trial and conviction of their top leaders on the charge of crimes against humanity perpetrated during the war of liberation in 1971 could lead to such attacks — for religious reasons or otherwise. Regrettably, however, despite the clear writing on the wall, so to speak, the Awami League-led government appeared abysmally underprepared, if not unprepared, to ensure safety and security of the religious minority communities, which is not just unfortunate but unacceptable as well.
The attacks on religious minority communities in the past couple of days have already attracted international attention, as they should have. According to another report also front-paged in New Age on Sunday, a spokesperson of the US state department told a news briefing in Washington on Friday that the US government had taken note of ‘reports on attacks on a Hindu temple.’ It is fair to say that, in respect of rights of the minority communities, religious and otherwise, Bangladesh has in recent years found itself on a somewhat sticky ground, especially given an increasing incidence of violence and vandalism perpetrated against them. The latest attacks on the temples and homesteads of religious minority communities, come as they do hot on the heels of a series of attacks on monasteries, shrines, and houses of Buddhist inhabitants in Ramu upazila in Cox’s Bazar in September 2012, could only raise questions about the incumbent government’s ability, if not willingness, to protect the national minority communities.
Ultimately, therefore, the onus is on the incumbents to ensure safety and security of the national minority communities, not only amidst the ongoing violent agitation by the Jamaat-Shibir people now but also against religious bigots predisposed to hate- and fear-mongering against people of other faiths throughout the year. To this end, they need to credibly investigate the latest attacks on religious minority communities, identify the perpetrators, and have them prosecuted and punished.”[25]

[21]. সংখ্যালঘুদের বাড়িঘর, মন্দিরের নিরাপত্তা নিশ্চিতের নির্দেশ
[22]. মসজিদের মাইক থেকে গুজব ছড়িয়ে জামায়াত-শিবিরের তাণ্ডব, নিহত ১২; বগুড়াজুড়ে ধ্বংসযজ্ঞ
[23]. জামায়াত যাত্রীবেশে উঠে কমলাপুরে নাশকতা চালিয়েছে: রেলমন্ত্রী
[24]. সহিংসতায় সংখ্যালঘু সম্প্রদায়ের অর্ধশতাধিক উপাসনালয় ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত
[25]. Onus on govt to ensure safety of religious minority people
[26]. কোটালীপাড়ায় মন্দিরে আগুন
[27]. দিনাজপুরে মন্দির পাহারা দিচ্ছে এলাকাবাসী ও প্রশাসন
[28]. শিবগঞ্জে মন্দিরে হামলা চালিয়েছে দুর্বৃত্তরা
[29]. Temple torched in C’ganj
[30]. Temple vandalised, idols desecrated

5th March

• From last few days Jamat attacked more than 1500 homes of minority people and more than 50 temples.
• The houses of Hindu people were set on fire in Natore, Feni, Chapainobabonj and Munshigonj.
• Police arrested 5 people of Jamat e Islami in a charge of setting fire in the temple of Kotalipara.
• Religious minorities will brought out processions at all upazila and district towns on Wednesday in protest against the recent attacks on them at places across the country.
• In Chadpur Temple and Idols were attacked and the Idol was thrown into water. In Khunlna two Hindu houses were attacked and they were set on fire by Jamat e Islami.
• In Shatkania Temple was set on fire and in Natore Hindu Idols were damaged.

A summary of events mentioned in reference 31 to 40

“Religious minorities have been coming under attack since February 28. Newspapers reports said that Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir ran havocs across the country since February 28, when the International Crimes Tribunal 1 sentenced Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee to death for crimes against humanity committed in 1971.
Jamaat and Shibir activists damaged several temples, including one of Buddhists, and set fire on houses and business establishments of Hindu people across the country.
The religious minority leaders said they came under attack in Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Noakhali, Lakshmipur, Sylhet, Moulbibazar, Gaibandha, Thakurgaon, Rangpur, Chapainawabganj, Bagherhat, Sathkhira, Barisal, Comilla Gazipur and elsewhere across the country.” [34]

[31]. ১৫০০ বাড়িঘর, অর্ধশতাধিক উপাসনালয় ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত
[32]. নাটোর ও ফেনীতে হিন্দু বাড়িতে অগ্নিসংযোগ
[33]. মসজিদ, মন্দির রক্ষার দায়িত্ব আমাদের: গণজাগরণ মঞ্চ
[34]. Minorities to demonstrate in districts, upazilas Wednesday
[35]. কোটালীপাড়ায় মন্দিরে আগুনের ঘটনায় আটক ৫
[36]. বাগেরহাট রামকৃষ্ণ আশ্রমে হামলার হুমকি
[37]. চাঁদপুরে মন্দির ও প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর
[38]. খুলনায় প্রতিমাসহ দুই হিন্দু বাড়িতে ভাঙচুর ও অগ্নিসংযোগ
[39]. সাতকানিয়ায় মন্দিরে আগুন, এলাকায় আতংক
[40]. সিংড়ায় প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর

6th March

• 75 significant citizens of Bangladesh protested against minority attack.
• In Nasirnogor, Jassore, Gajipur people protested against minority attack and against Jamat e Islami and their student community Shibir by forming human chain.
• Patrick Ventrell , Director, Office of Press Relations, U.S. Department of State expressed his concern and said to Bangladesh Government to ensure the security for all people.
• In Khulna houses of Hindu people were set on fire and two cases were filed, 15 were arrested.
• 4 idols of goddess vandalized in Comilla.

A summary of events mentioned in reference 41 to 48

Since 28th February attacks on minority class is going on. People have started to protest against these deeds and against Jamat e Islami. Director of Office of Press Relation of U.S. also showed his worries about this matter. Temples and houses of Hindu people are still under attack. Media like, newspapers and TV channel news were full of these news and incidents.

[41]. সংখ্যালঘু নির্যাতন ও নৈরাজ্য সৃষ্টির নিন্দায় ৭৫ বিশিষ্ট নাগরিক
[42]. হিন্দু সম্প্রদায়ের ওপর হামলায় যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের উদ্বেগ
[43]. মন্দিরে হামলার প্রতিবাদে নাসিরনগরে মানববন্ধন
[44]. হিন্দু সম্প্রদায়ের ওপর হামলার প্রতিবাদে যশোরে মানববন্ধন
[45]. গাজীপুরে হিন্দু বৌদ্ধ খ্রিস্টান ঐক্য পরিষদের মানববন্ধন
[46]. সংখ্যালঘু পরিবারে আগুন: খুলনায় ৮শ` জনের বিরুদ্ধে মামলা
[47]. দাউদকান্দিতে প্রতিমা ভাঙচুর
[48]. 4 idols of goddess vandalized in Comilla

7th March

• “Communication Minister Obaidul Quader has urged leaders and activists of the Awami League to stand by the Hindus recently persecuted by Jamaat-e-Islami supporters.” [52]
• “In the wake of a wave of violent attacks against the country’s minority Hindu community, Amnesty International has made an urgent call to the government to provide them with better protection.” [50]
• “Miscreants vandalised idols and torched a Hindu temple in Hatibandha upazila in Lalmonirhat Thursday morning.” [49]
• 3 shops of minority people were torched in Narayangonj.

A summary of events mentioned in reference 49 to 52

“It is not enough to provide the victims with just money, tin and clothes. The houses and temples have to be rebuilt and the fear and the terror in the minds of the people here have to be gotten rid of. We have to take measures so they can sleep safely” said Communication Minister Obaidul Quader. [52]
“According to members of the Hindu community, witnesses and police, some unidentified people demolished an idol of Hindu Goddess Kali and set fire to the temple Hatibandha upazila in Lalmonirhat when the villagers were sleeping sometimes early Thursday. The attack sent panic to about 120 Hindu families of the village. The miscreants might attack them anytime, they fear. They contacted the upazila administration to seek security.” [49]
“Over the past week, individuals taking part in strikes called for by Islamic parties have vandalized more than 40 Hindu temples across Bangladesh. Scores of shops and houses belonging to the Hindu community have also been burned down, leaving hundreds of people homeless, said a press release of the international rights watchdog.” “The Hindu community in Bangladesh is at extreme risk, in particular at such a tense time in the country. It is shocking that they appear to be targeted simply for their religion. The authorities must ensure that they receive the protection they need,” said Abbas Faiz, Amnesty International’s Bangladesh Researcher. [50]

[49]. Temple vandalised, torched in Lalmonirhat
[50]. Protect Hindus, AI urges Bangladesh
[51]. নারাণগঞ্জে সংখ্যালঘুদের ৩ দোকান পুড়ে ছাই
[52]. Help Hindus feel secure: Quader

8th March

• “Fanatics destroyed an idol of goddess Kali before setting a Hindu temple on fire at Hatibandha upazila of Lalmonirhat in the early hours yesterday.” [53]
• “Miscreants set fire to a Hindu temple in Amashukukrul area in the divisional city early Friday.” [56]
• “In the wake of a wave of violent attacks on the country’s minority Hindu community, international rights group Amnesty International has urged the government to give them better protection.” [54]

A summary of events mentioned in reference 53 to 56

“Rangpur temple committee member Goutam Roy told banglanews, “The fire, which was occurred at Burima temple around 5:30am, damaged an idol of god and some books of library.” Goutam Roy, also joint secretary of District unit of Jatiyatabadi Samajtantrik Dal, alleged that Jamaat-Shibir men might involve in the incident.” [56]
“One of the victims told the rights group that on February 28, his family’s village at Rajganj Bazar in Noakhali was set on fire by people taking part in a Jamaat-staged strike. “They moved into our properties and set fire to 30 of our houses. Seventy-six families were living in these houses. They also set fire to our temples,” the victim said, requesting anonymity out of concern for his safety. [54]
Another victim said a group of about 100 young men holding banners in support of Jamaat looted and damaged four shops at Satkania in Chittagong and vandalised a Hindu temple in the village on Saturday. Bangladesh’s Hindu minority makes up eight percent of the population and has historically been at risk of violence from the Muslim population — including during the independence war in 1971 and after the general elections in 2001.”[54]

[53]. Temples still under attack
[54]. Protect Hindus
[55]. রংপুরে মন্দিরে অগ্নিসংযোগ
[56]. Temple torched in Rangpur



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Great Job! গুরু গুরু

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একজীবনের অপূর্ণ সাধ মেটাতে চাই
আরেক জীবন, চতুর্দিকের সর্বব্যাপী জীবন্ত সুখ
সবকিছুতে আমার একটা হিস্যা তো চাই

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গুরু গুরু standing salute!

can you please give the news link covered by the headlines? It will look more compact. Me citing the saying of great Jafar Iqbal

"শুধু একটা বিষয় জানি, এই মুহূর্তে আমাদের সবচেয়ে বড় দায়িত্ব এই দেশের হিন্দু ধর্মাবলম্বীদের রক্ষা করা। উনিশ শ একাত্তরে আমি দেখেছি একজন হিন্দু মা তার শিশুসন্তানকে বুকে চেপে ধরে উদ্ভ্রান্তের মতো তাঁর স্বামীর হাত ধরে ছুটে যাচ্ছেন, এত দিন পর এই দেশে আবার এই ঘটনা ঘটবে আর আমরা সেটা শুধু তাকিয়ে দেখব? আমি নিজেকে একটা হিন্দু পরিবারের ছোট একটি শিশু হিসেবে কল্পনা করে দেখেছি, তাদের মূল অনুভূতিটি হচ্ছে অবর্ণনীয় আতঙ্কের, অসহায় বোধ এবং তীব্র হতাশার। সবচেয়ে বড় অনুভূতিটা হচ্ছে এই দেশের ওপর, দেশের মানুষের ওপর রাগ, দুঃখ বা ক্ষোভ নয়, একটি গভীর অভিমানে একটা দেশ বা দেশের মানুষের জন্য এর চেয়ে বড় লজ্জা আর কী হতে পারে?"

Give Her Freedom!

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Many many thanks for posting. Please collect all pictures also and make a pictorial timeline.
MMR Jalal

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Please keep screenshot, text and photos from the report and upload it somewhere. In case the posts are deleted for some reason.

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People behind these vandalisms should immediately be arrested and prosecuted. Probably Ramu was a test case. Had we acted properly (withour looking at political affiliations) that time, there was less chance of repeatation. Government could act boldly now in similar cases.

It is a shame that we can't protect our brothers' properties. What are we waiting for? Another ICT after some 30/40 years?

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nicely written and presented.

মাভৈ, রাতের আঁধার গভীর যত ভোর ততই সন্নিকটে জেনো।

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