Diving in to the Water Could Not Save Him – Man Beaten to Death

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Article from Kaaler Kontho, Sunday March 03, 2013
Original by Ujjwal Biswas, Baashkhali

“Break off the bangles on your hand, or we will rape you” – under such threats from Jamaat-Shibir cadres, a housewife from the village of Jolodi in Baashkhali broke off her bangles, treasured symbols for a married Hindu wan. But she was not spared. Neither were more housewives like her. But the Jamaat cadres weren’t appeased by torturing these women only. Seven houses and shelters were set to fire and burnt down. Afraid for his life, Doyalhori, who was visiting from Sheelkup hid himself in the toilet. At one point he dove into the nearby pond. He could not escape. He was hauled out of the water and beaten to death with sticks by the Jamaat people.

Such was the harrowing tale that the people of Dhopapara could narrate before they broke down in tears. Such was the brutality the Jamaat Shibir cadres carried out after the verdict of Sayeedee, a Jamaat leader sentenced to death earlier on the day for war crimes. In the name of protesting this decision, a series of premeditated attacks were carried out all over the country. Thousands of these cadres terrorized other areas like Dhopapara. Through Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, the Jamaat activists went on a rampage of murder, pillage and arson throughout this upazilla. By the time they were finished, only the ruins of a town were left - they had burnt down 42 years of administrative records, they had destroyed 8 thousand court records too.

The attackers burnt down seven households, Odoitonand, Lokonath shelters and 18 shops in Dhoparapa. In Napora, Joodaspara, Kalibari over four hundred shops were looted and vandalized. Hundreds of vehicles, including the car of the Upazilla Executive Officer were set to fire. Over fifty cars, two of the police cars, were vandalized. Fear and terror now reign in Baashkhali – most businesses are closed.

Sabita Susheel, daughter of the murdered Doyalhori Sheel told Kaler Kantha “The terrorists beat my father to death. After killing him, they were rejoicing over his dead body. We are terrified. They have burnt down houses.”

The Jamaat cadres attacked businesses in the upazilla center Jolodi, Boilchori, Gunagori, Chechuriya, Sheelkup, Baharchora, Napora, Prembazar, Ramdas, Munshir haat. Business owners Babun Das of Asheerbad traders, Nupur Das, Md. Ashfaf Ali, Mridul Dutta, Ashok Das, Parikshit Das were among the witnesses to these attacks. They said, “The attacks of the armed terrorists were most terrible. They looted millions of taka worth of goods, and set fire when they left.”

The Police Super of Chittagong district, Hafiz Akhter said, “Everything is being reviewed carefully. With the aid of proper information and technology we will find the culprits one by one.”
The Upazilla Executive officer, Shabbir Iqbal said, “The carnage that has taken place in Baashkali is the worst in history. A report on the damages has been submitted to higher officials.”

Yesterday an extensive visit of the area was done in person. During the visit, the government installations were found to be very badly hit. Some thousands of books were burnt after the storages of the Primary and Secondary schools were set to fire. Since court records have been burnt, nothing of the 8 thousand criminal and civil law suits could be saved. This has led to a scene of desperation and tears from plaintiffs and defendants alike in front of the courts. At least 47 government offices, including Baashkhali Senior Judicial Magistrate Court and Associate Judge Court, Upazila Executive Officer’s office, Sadar Thana and Ramdas Police stations, Upazila Vice Chairman’s office, Agricultural Office, Engineering office, Planning office, Education office, Youth Development office and Municipal office were the targets of this rampage. No sign of doors, windows or furniture could be found in them. Over two hundred electric meters have also been destroyed during the attacks on the shops.

Source : http://www.kalerkantho.com/index.php?view=details&type=gold&data=news&pub_no=1170&cat_id=1&menu_id=118&news_type_id=1&index=0&archiev=yes&arch_date=03-03-2013#.UTPAjDDPM4X


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I would like to thank you sincerely for engaging your time in translating this article so that the world can see what is actually going on here. It's important. It's our own war. We don't expect the western world to fight it for us, but at least they should know the truth, and not manipulate it.

I read the original article last night. It literally broke my heart thinking the depth of sufferings those people had to undergo, and sad but true, it still continues! How can a human being be so cruel to another! I don't know, and I will never know.

It aches a lot.

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গামা মামা - good job done !
Now lets share and tweet this article

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Thanks a lot for this report. I am going to tweet this one.

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