Reports of Jamaat and Shibir Clashes with Police (Feb 28 - Mar 3)

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The following is an account of various clashes between Jamaat and Shibir activists and law and security forces (Police, BGB) over the last few days, after the sentencing of Delwar Hossein Sayeedee by the International Crimes Tribunal. Several reports are available in English, but most of them are very concise, and a lot of the incidents have not been reported. These are translations of incidents that have been reported in Bangla in,, Prothom Alo and other news outlets.
Here are the links to some of the reports in English, most of them are summaries. The detailed reports are presented later and have been translated to English from the original reports in Bangla.

Feb 28 Sirajganj Clashes Leave 10 Injured [1]

10 people including a journalist, were injured in a clash between strike supporters and police at Kamarkhand upazila of Sirajganj District
This violent clash took place on Thursday (28-02-2013) morning, in the west side of Bangabandhu bridge. Police arrested 4 shibir activists from the spot.

Local police SI Aslam Hossain informed that, Jamaat -Shibir activists started to vandalize vehicles early in the morning. When restrained, they attacked police as well. To bring the situation under control, police had to shot 30 rounds of tear shells and rubber bullet. Police also fired 5 blank rounds.

Journalists were also attacked by Jamat-Shibir activists while they were taking photos. Local police SI Hossain informed that the situation had been brought under control around 10 AM. Additional RAB and police had been deployed in that area.

Feb 28 Rajshahi Jamaat Attacks Police After Verdict [2]

At least 30 people are wounded in a clash between activists of Jamaat-Shibir & police.
2 injured policemen, including Assistant Police Commissioner of Motihar zone have been hospitalized. The violence started around 3, in the vicinity of Rajshahi University campus- Binodpur, Mirzapur etc, just after the announcement of Sayeedi's verdict. Local police OC informed that, as soon as the verdict came out, Shibir activists started a procession while creating road blockades.

When the police tried to stop them, they became furious and they set off at least 15 homemade bombs. Later as police chased them, they were spread out in different areas of Binodpur and Mirzapur and started to explode handmade bombs and opened fire on the police.
The situation was brought under control by firing tear gas shell and blank rounds. During the attack, Motihar zone Assistant Police Commissioner, Abul Hasnat along with two other policemen were injured. He and Constable Ashiqur Rahman were admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.

At the same time, Jamaat-Shibir activists started protesting by blocking the city bypass road near Dingadoba area. As police ordered to clear the road, they attacked the police by hurling brick chips and homemade bombs. Two policemen were wounded in this clash.

After the verdict, a handmade bomb exploded in front of the Rajshahi City Corportaion. Rajshahi City Police Commissioner Munir-Uz-Zama sait that after the verdict, Jamaat members brought out flash processions and attacked police in Digadoba and Binodpur. Police had to fire a few hundred tear gas shells to bring the situation under control.

Feb 28 Rangpur Clashes Leave Five dead [3]

Five persons died in a deadly clash between Jamaaat-Shibir activists and police.
At least 100 people were injured including 10 people being shot. 50 of them had been hospitalized at Rajshahi Medical College.
The clashes started when a procession of Jamaat-Shibir activits, protesting after the death verdict against Delwar Hosseisn Sayeedee, attacked police. Operation-in-Charge (OC) of Mithapukur police station confirmed that 4 people died on the spot. They are Shahed Ali (45), member of Kafrikhal Union Jamaat, General Secretary of Mirzapur Union Shibir Mashiur Rahman, and Shibir activists Sadequr Rahman and Mahmudul Hasan. Their dead bodies are being kept at Upazilla Health Complex.
Another dead body of a youth was found in a paddy field, according to Mithapukur Thana Inspector Rezaul Karim Reza. Upazilla Jamaat Ameer Golam Rabbani claimed that the dead was Ashiqur Rahman (20) from Imadpur of Mithapukur upazilla. He was a shibir member.

The OC also informed that, police had to shot 70 rounds in self-defense. Upazilla Jamaat Ameer Golam Rabbni told that all 5 dead in police fire were Jamaat and Shibir activists. He also said that at least 50 were shot.
Assistant police super (circle B) Selim Haider informed that, Jamaat Shibir activists started a procession around 3 pm. Police obstructed their progress near Upazilla Chambers intersection. Jamaat members threw bricks and stones at the police. As the police charged them with sticks, clashes started. In the ensuing skirmish, police fired more than a hundred rounds of tear gas shells and rubber bullets to gain control of the situation.

At one point the procession started attacked Awami League offices and vandalized and set it to fire. They attacked Sonali bank. Police fired in self-defense and to keep the situation under control, according to this police officer.

Elsewhere, Peergacha Thana Inspector Aminul Islam Jewel told that at around 3pm clashes broke out between Jamaat-Shibir, BNP and police near Peergacha Rail Station. 50 were injured and 3 were shot. Among the injured were,12 cops, including the O.C. and Upazilla BNP General Secretary Aminul Islam Ranga. They have been admitted to Upazilla Health Complex.

Police constable was admitted to Rangpur Medical College in critical condition. Shibir members wounded by bullet, Saiful, Hanif and Babul were admitted to Upazilla Health Complex.

On Thursday afternoon, the ICT sentence Delwar Hossein Sayeedee to death. After this, Jamaat-Shibir brought out processions in Mithapukur and attacked police with bricks and stones, sticks and rods. O.C. Mostofa Kamal said that at least 20 were shot during clashesh.

Feb 28 Gaibandha Police Camp Looted, 6 Killed Including Police [4, 5]

3 policemen have been killed in an attack by Jamaat-Shibir activists, outraged at the recent verdict on Delwar Hossain Sayeedi. Besides this, 3 more people have died, who are claimed to Jamaat activists by the party.
According to police, Jamaat-Shibir men attacked Bamondanga rail station on Thursday afternoon after hearing the verdict by International Crimes Tribunal. Locals informed that this lead to a clash and at some point, Jamaat men attacked the Bamondanga police camp.

The three policemen who were killed are – constable Bablu Mia, Najim Uddin and Hazrat Ali. A. K. M. Nahidul Islam, Police Super of Gaibandha, has said that they were beaten to death inside the police camp. “Several things were looted in the camp, although no weapons were lost”, he said.

The other three men haven’t been identified. But they were claimed to activists of Jamaat by Jamaat politicians.
Abu Hanif, In-charge of Bamondanga police camp, informed that Jamaat-Shibir activists shot at them when they went to the rail station area. Police then opened fire in retaliation. After the police ran out of bullets, the activists chased the policemen into the police camp. At this point the activists assaulted the camp and severely beat the police members, as informed by the locals. Besides killing three, the activists also injured five men.

The activists also set fire to the Sundarganj Muktijoddha Sangsad (Freedom Fighters’ Association) office and houses and businesses of several Awami League politicians. Belka Union Parishad building and the residence of the Upazila Vice-Chairman were also torched.

Jamaat-Shibir has also placed roadblocks by felling road-side trees on several places including Dhaka-Rangpur highway at Maheshpur of Polashbari, Gaibandha and most areas on the Gaibandha-Polashbari road. As a result, road transports between Dhaka and Gaibandha and between the Gaibandha district town and Polashbari and Gobindaganj upazilas are disrupted.

Feb 28 Bogra Jamaat-Police Clash, BGB Deployed [6]

Jamaat-Shibir activists have clashed with the police in Bogra after Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, a leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was sentenced to death in a war criminal case.
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has been deployed in the town beside police and RAB to prevent anarchy.

Syed Abu Sayem, additional police super of Bogra district police, said, activists and leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami started a protest procession in the colony area of the town after the announcement of Sayeedi verdict. As police obstructed the procession, 5 to 6 hand-bombs were thrown at them. Police fired several rounds blank shots to control the situation.
To strengthen law and order, two platoons of BGB have been deployed.

Afterwards, at 3pm, Jamaat men tried to set blockades by torching tires on Naogaon-Bogra road at Godarpara area of the town, but were dispersed by the BGB members. One person was arrested at this time, as said by Dr. Kajol Hasan of Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital, an eyewitness.

Feb 28 Naogaon Attack on Police, 10 Injured Including police OC [7]

Jamaat-Shibir activists assaulted the police at Sapahar, Naogaon and injured 10 people including two police officers.
This took place at the upazila bus-stand at around 9:30am, Thursday.

OC Obaidul Huq of Sapahar police station informed, Jamaat-Shibir started a procession from the upazila square. As they reached the bus-stand area, police forbid them to proceed anymore. At this moment, members of the procession assaulted the policemen. OC himself and sub-inspector Shahin Alam were injured in this attack.

Police later used rubber bullets and batons to bring the situation under control. 12 activists were arrested during this.
The two injured police officers were admitted to Sapahar Upazila Health Complex.
Police arrested two Shibir leaders at Mohadebpur where they were picketing in support of a Jamaat-called strike. OC Abdur Rashid of Mohadebpur police station said, upazila shibir chairman Mehedi Hasan and Moyen Uddin, organizational editor of Jamaat, were arrested in that morning when they were picketing.

Besides, two Shibir activists were arrested from Naogaon district town as informed by OC Mozammel Huq of Naogaon Sadar police station.

Feb 28 Chittagong Jamaat-Police Clash at Lohagara, 2 killed Including Police [8]

2 people including a police constable have been killed in several rounds of clashes between Jamaat-Shibir supporters and police at Lohagara, Chittagong.
This happened at Amirabad and Rajghata areas of Lohagara upazila after the death-sentence verdict was announced for Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayeedi on charges of crimes against humanity on Thursday.

Eyeswitnesses said, Jamaat and Chhatra Shibir (student wing) members started a protest at Rajaghat after the verdict was announced. Jamaat-Shibir men gathered together and started an assault on police at Rajghat. When the police members took shelter in a local Golden City community center, shibir men lead the assault there, too.

OC Shahjahan of Lohagara police station said, police fired tear-gas shells and rubber bullets for self-defense.
During the fight, a youth named Mejbah Uddin (20) was killed.
OC informed that the shibir members also torched several police vehicles. Md. Tareq (23), a police constable was severely injured and died on the road to hospital.

Md. Iltutmish, Additional Police Commissioner of Chittagong South Zone told BDNews24 that one death occurred in the jamaat-police clash at Lohagara. He wasn’t sure if the young man killed was a member of Shibir or any other party or how he died. But he informed that his home was at Rajghata, Lohagara.

OC Md. Shahjahan informed that Jamaat-Shibir men started placing blockades on Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar road at Amirabad, Lohagara. They started throwing brick chips as the police tried to stop them. Police had to fire many rounds of tear-gas and rubber bullets as self-defense. Several were arrested during this fight.
Another fight occurred between police and Jamaat-Shibir at Keranihat, Satkania after the verdict announcement.
Satkania and Lohagara regions in Chittagong are one of the strongholds of Jamaat-e-Islami and Chhatra Shibir. A. N. M. Shamsul Islam, ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami of Chittagong Metropolitan City, is a member of the parliament from that region.

Feb 28 Satkhira 4 killed, Including Former BCL Leader [9]

A former leader of Bangladesh Chhatra League and a member of Juba League were killed in an attack by Jamaat-Shibit activists, outraged over the death-sentence verdict of Delwar Hossain Sayeedi.
Two shibir members were also killed in a clash between Jamaat-Shibir and police and BGB. At least 20 people were wounded by gunshots in this clash which happened at the circuit-house area of the town on Thursday afternoon.
Joydev Kumar Chowdhury, Additional Police Super of Satkhira, informed of three deaths at first. Later OC Gazi Ibrahim of Sadar (district town) police station confirmed four deaths.

Eyewitnesses said, armed Jamaat-Shibir men gathered and started a procession from Kodomtola, not far from the town around 4pm. Police and BGB obstructed them when they tried to enter the town and this lead to a fight.
Jamaat men started throwing brick chips at the police. Police fired some tear-gas shells at first and kept warning them on hand-mikes, “Don’t proceed anymore or we’ll be forced to open fire.”
Later Police Officer Joydev informed the press, “At one point, shots were fired at the police from the procession. Police started firing back.”

Three people were killed during this gunfight. They are – Tuhin and Saiful from Agordari village under Sadar upazila and Shahin from Kodomtola. Their bodies are at the Satkhida Sadar Hospital. Dr. Z. Ahmed, District Civil Surgeon, said, aside those three, several more were gunshot-wound and receiving treatment at the hospital.
Jamaat politicians claimed that the dead were Shibir members.
On the other hand, Awami League politicians claimed Tuhin to be a member of Juba League and that he was killed by Shibir men.

After being dispersed by police and BGB, Shibir members assaulted residences of local Awami League members near Kodomtola. Locals informed that Jamaat-Shibir men set fire to the house of Al Mamun at Kashempur village. Al Mamun was a former chairman of City College branch Chhatra League. Mamun was also hacked by the shibir members. Later he succumbed to his injuries.
Many shops were also vandalized during this clash.

Situation of the town is grave even though the fight stopped at around 6:30pm. All the shops are still closed, and the roads are empty, patrolled by police, RAB and BGB.
BGB member Farid and Police member Riazul Islam were also wounded by gunshots and receiving treatment at the hospital. Abdul Hamid, Abdul Ahad and several more are also under treatment at hospital.

Feb 28 Dhaka Police Injured in Jamaat Assault [10]

Jamaat-Shibir activists lead an assault on police at Banianagar under Sutrapur thana of the capital after the ICT verdict on Delwar Hossain Sayeedi.
A police constable was injured at this as OC Rafiqul Islam, of Sutrapur police station, told A group of Jamaat-Shibir men attacked police with sticks at around 6:45pm, he said.
Police constable Masum got injured in the head during this sudden attack.
In another news, two hand-bombs were detonated at Fakirapul, Dhaka at around 6:30pm the same day as informed by the police.

Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, Nayeb-e-Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami party, was sentenced to death by the International Crimes Tribunal on Thursday on charges of war-crimes. Jamaat activists lead huge violent attacks on places around the country right after this, killing and injuring several people.

Feb 28 Sirajganj Section 144 Imposed [11]

Section 144 imposed at 7 points in Sirajganj by local administration in fear of deterioration of law order
Section 144 was imposed on two areas in Sirajganj from 8 pm due to concern of further detriment of law and order. The Upazilla Nirbahi Officer Mohammad Salah Uddin told that Chanidasgati Bazar in Shiyalkol Union and Koddar Mor on the western bank of Bangabandhu bridge were the two areas under this rule. This was announced on Thurday 9 pm through microphones by District and Upazilla administrations.

Additional Distric Magistrate Md. Shafiqul Islam told the section 144 will be in force at Bazaar Station, Muktir sopan, Shadhinota Square, Kazipur Mor, Borobazaar and Central Jaame Mosque until further notice.

Feb 28 Bogra Attack on Police Van, 6 Injured, Weapons Snatched [12, 13]

During dawn to dusk strike, terrible violence broke out in Bogra. 6 cops were injured, 6 firearms were snatched, and over 200 rounds of rubber bullets and tear gas shells were fired during clashes. BGB personnel have been deployed to keep the situation under control.

Around 4 pm, a few hundreds of Jamaat Shibir activists attacked a police van on its rounds near Nishchintapur on the Bogra 2nd Bypass road. The police fired rubber bullets in self-defense but were later chased on to a nearby field. There the Jamaat cadres beat up the police personnel with sticks. Six policemen, including a sub-inspector were injured in the attack. The injured cops were admitted to Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital. The injured are S.I. Azmal Hossein, Constables Rabiul Islam, Masud Rana, Tazul Islam, Krishnakanto and Sarwar Hossein.
Of them, Sub-Inspector Azmal’s and Constable Sarwar Hossein’s conditions were critical according to doctors. 5 rifles and one handgun were snatched away during the attack.

Earlier, there were skirmishes between police and the supporters of the strike in Jamil Nagar, Gohail road, Old Bogra three-way, Godarpara and Gokul in the city. Police fired 150 rounds of rubber bullets and 50 rounds of tear gas shell. 2 Shibir members were shot in Jamilnagar. Businesses were closed during the strike. A grave and terrified environment was all over Bogra.
The Police Super later informed that 4 of the 5 rifles have been recovered till 5.30 pm. One was still missing.

Feb 28 Bagerhat Cops injured [14]

Jamaat-Shibir attacks on Police in Bagerhat, 2 Injured
Two cops were injured as supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islaami Chaatra Shibir attacked a nearby market in Bagerhat following the verdict of the International Crimes Tribunal-1 against Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee. Jamaat Shibir leaders and supporters also blocked the road for two hours.

The injured were identified as Assistant Sub-inspector Rafique and constable Saiful Islam of Kochua Thana.
The incident took place around 4.30 PM on Thursday, in Megnitala Upazila of Bagerhat-Khulna Highway

Additional Police super of Bagerhat, Pankaj Chandra Roy told bdnews that the rowdy activists of Jamaat-E-Islami & Islami Chhatra Shibir were picketing near Shialkati Bazar of Kochua Upazila on Thursday afternoon. As police intercepted them, the activists hurled stones at the police, leaving two injured. He also mentioned that the situation is under control now.

Feb 28 Dinazpur Cops injured [15]

Jamaat-Shibir attacks on Police in Dinazpur, 2 Injured
Followers of the Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islaami Chaatra Shibir attacked police in Kaharole, Dinazpur on Thursday. 2 cops were severely injured.

At the same time, the activists also torched a motorcycle.
Around 6.30 PM on Thursday, the Jamaat-Shibir supports blocked 12 mile area on Dinazpur-Thakurgaon Highway near Kaharole Upazila of Dinazpur.

When an SI and a constable from Kaharole Police arrived at the spot, the activists attacked them and torched their motorcycle.
Later BGB rescued the injured cops. But the whole area is still under control of Jamaat-Shibir.

Mar 1 Chittagong Four Police Injured by Shibir Hand-made Bombs [16-21]

4 cops injured by bomb attacks from Islami Chhatra Shibir in Chittagong city
OC from Kotwali thana A.K.M. Mohuddin Selim informed that there was an attack in the surrounding area of Oli Khan Mosque in Chakbazaar after Jumma prayers Friday.
The injured were – Constables Nasir, Solaiman, Rashed and Saiful. All of them were on duty at Dampara Police Lines. According to witnesses, a Shibir procession, on its way to Chakbazaar from Andarkilla Jaame Mosque started vandalizing on Sarakdeep and throwing bricks and stones towards the residential buildings on both sides. They also vandalized houses and shops on Siraj-ud-Doula road. They also set fire to tires to hamper traffic on the road.

When police and BGB tried to contain them, they gathered in front of Oli Khan Mosque in Chakbazar. After the brief meeting, they started hurling cocktail and hand-made bombs targeting the police. The four cops were injured in this unwarranted attack. They are Constable Md. Rashed, Md. Solaiman, Md. Saiful and Nasir Uddin. They have been admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. According to S.I. Jahurul Islam at Medical Police Station, the injured 4 were brought to the hospital at around 2.30 pm.

Elsewhere, Jamaat and Shibir activists also vandalized around 30 houses and shops on both sides of the road in Chandarpur, Dewanji Pool side, Dewanbazar. According to witnesses they also vandalized at least three vehicles.

From Thursday afternoon to evening, after the death verdict of Jamaat leader Delwar Hossein Sayeedee, Jamaat and Shibir activists engaged themselves in clashes at different places in Shatkaniya and Lohagara in Chittagong. Two people, including a policeman were killed. Jamaat cadres also attacked the Hindu community in Baashkhali, killing one Hindu elderly.

Mar 1 Rajshahi Gunfire and Explosions by Jammat, 20 Injured [22]

Jamaat E Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir members engage in clashes with police with gunfire and explosions of Hand-made bombs after Jumma prayers in Rajshahi
At least 20 people, including 2 reporters were injured. Police informed that after Jumma prayers on Friday, clashes started in Binodpur, Mirzapur and Mondol Mor around Rajshahi University. During the clashes, Jamaat and Shibir activists exploded at least 20 hand-made bombs.

The O.C. of Motihar Thana, Abdus Sobhan told, “After Jumma prayers, a group of youths, shouting the slogan of ‘Naraye Taqbir’, tried to start a procession. When the police tried to prevent them due to concern for violence, they started arguing with the police. After a while, some Shibir members gathered there and started hurling stones at the police, who fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets to bring the situation under control.”
At one point, the O.C. Abdus Sobhan informed that Shibir cadres exploded quite a few hand-bombs and started firing at the police. During the fights, Mehedi Hasan, district reporter for Mohona Television and Russell, cameraman for Channel 24 were injured.

The O.C. Sobhan also mentioned that extra police were deployed in fear of further attacks.
Jamaat and Shibir cadres carried out violent activities after the death verdict of Jamaat Nayeb-e-Amir Delwar Hossein Sayeedee on Thursday. During those clashes, at least 30 people, including the Assistant Police Commissioner of Motihar zone, Abul Hasnat were injured.

Mar 1 Chapainawabganj 1 killed in AL-Jamaat Clashes [23]

1 killed and at least 10 injured in clashes between Jamaat-Shibir and Awami League supporters on Friday in Shibganj Upazilla in Chapainawabganj
Abdur Rahim (45), son of Mokbul Hossein from Namodhobora village was killed in the clash. Jamaat claimed Rahim as one of their members. The injured were admitted in different hospitals, according to the police.

Quoting local witnesses, Special Inspector of Police Super Chambers, Md. Akmal Hossein said that Jamaat-Shibir and Awami League activists took stands facing each other in Parodilalpur of Shahbazpur, Shibganj.
At 12 pm, the two sides engaged in fight, Abdur Rahim died of wounds from a sharp weapon
12,000 defendants in 7 cases

The said police officer also said that, the police have filed 3 cases at the Sadar Thana, 3 in Shibganj Thana and one in Bholahat Thana in connection with the Jamaat violence on Thursday. Around 12,000 leaders and activists of Jamaat-Shibir have been named as defendants.

Mar 1 Narshingdi 4 Police caught in Jamaat attack [24]

4 police were injured in Jamaat-Shibir activists attack in Narsingdi Upazilla town.
The attack was carried out from a Jamaat-Shibir procession brought out after Jumma prayers at Ghoradia in Chinishpur Union. The O.C. at Narshingdi Sadar Thana, Md. Asaduzzaman told reporters that Jamaat-Shibir members started a procession after jumma prayers at the mosque adjacent to Jamaat member Moti Sikder’s home in Ghoradiya, as well as the mosque near Haris Mollah’s house in nearby Sonatola.

When police tried to stop them, the Jamaat activists took the O.C. Md. Azizur Rahman captive in one house and hurled stones on his companions. On hearing the news, Additional Police Super of Narshingdi, Subrata Haldar led a large force of police. Jamaat-Shibir activists started throwing stones at them. At this juncture, the police fired 7-8 empty rounds and the crowd dispersed. Later, Azizur Rahman and the 4 injured were rescued, according to the Narsingdi O.C. He also said that 3 were arrested as suspects in this incident.

Mar 1 Noakhali ‘Jamaat-Shibir have outdone the carnage of Razakars’ [25]

Jamaat-Shibir members went on a rampage after the death verdict of Delwar Hossein Sayeedee for war crimes. They vandalized, looted and committed arson in Hindu household without any restraint. Not even temples and statues were spared from their carnage.
76 Hindu families of Alampur and Aladinagar villages in Rajganj Union, Begumganj Upazilla of Noakhali were left with nothing after this carnage took place. The victims’ faces now show fear and terror. During the attack Jamaat-Shibir activists set 36 rooms ablaze in 10 households. They also destroyed and looted 53 homes.

The worst hit of these included the families of Rajganj Mali household. After the attacks, they were left without food till Friday afternoon. They are not sure if they’ll find shelter somewhere else. They have been left completely astonished by the surprise attack. During the visit to the area by reporters, Bishakha of the Mali household told, “During the (71 liberation) war, the Razakars did not set fire to the house like this. That time, they came once, one round, and that was it.”

The local residents informed that on Thursday immediately after the death verdict of Jamaat leader Sayeedee, 100-150 young men, their faces covered with black cloth, marched out with sticks and started the attack. Chanting slogans of ‘Allahu Akbar, Naray e Takbir’ and crying ‘Catch them, Beat them, Burn them’, they descended on 10 households including those of Bhuiyan, Acharya Thakur, Mali, Pulin Dutta, Kuri, Banik, Shanti Banik, Sheel, Motilal Babu. They vandalized and looted the homes and set fire to almost 36 rooms. During the attacks the residents of the houses escaped and took shelter in neighboring Muslim houses.

During the attack, Jamaat-Shibir members also vandalized and set fire to 5 Hindu temples, including those of Thakur Bari, Rajganj Bazar, Pulin Dutta and Kalirhaat.
When they went to cover the violence, district correspondents of Mohona Television, Mohtasim Billah Sabuj and SA TV, Abdur Rahim Babul were beaten mercilessly. Their cameras and money were taken. Afterwards, the police from Begumganj arrived to bring the situation under control.

While describing the rampage of Jamaat-Shibir members, Khagendra Chandra Dey (80) of Kuri house said, “I saw the liberation war. But something like yesterday did not even happen then. The Jamaat-Shibir activists have outdone the atrocities of the Razakars.”

Noakhali District Administrator said that situation is now under control by law and security forces. Extra police and BGB have been deployed in the area. Also, 4 tons of rice have made available for immediate use of the victim Hindu families.
The administrator of the District Committee, A.B.M. Jafar Ullah informed Tk. 50,000 from the District Committee will be distributed among the 36 worst hit victim families. Also, Tk. 6,00,000 would be given to the 6 damaged temples.

Mar 1 Narayanganj Clashes with Jamaat, 5 Injured Including Police [26]

On Friday, in Araihajar, Narayanganj Jamaat-Shibir clashes with Police leave 5 including cop injured
Police fired 8 rounds to bring the situation under control. Witnesses and the police informed that, after Jumma prayers, Jamaat-Shibir leaders and members brought out processions from different spots. When chased by the police, they were dispersed. At 4 pm, they tried to start processions again, but were thwarted by police again.

When the Jamaat-Shibir started throwing bricks and stones at the police, the two sides engaged in skirmishes. After a flurry of charges and counters from both sides, at least 5 were injured including Constable Ripon. Police then fired to bring the situation under control.
Kajal, Shah Alam and Nuru Miah were arrested by the police. Acting O.C. of Araihazar Thana, Syed Nazrul Islam informed that the situation was normal at this poing.

Mar 2 Rajshahi Police shot at, Reporter Wounded by Gunshot [27]

Police exchanged gunfire with Jamaat-Shibir activists in Rajshahi
On Saturday morning, at 11 am, at least 10 persons, including a reporter were injured in these clashes. The wounded cameraman from Bangla Vision was taken to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.
After the death verdict of the war criminal Delwar Hossein Sayeedee, Jamaat and Shibir have went on a rampage all over the country.

On Saturday morning, Jamaat-Shibir members started a flash procession from Bata intersection in Ranibazaar. Witnesses said that the procession threw hand-made bombs, stones towards the police. They also opened fire on them. In response, the police fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets.

Witnesses also said that the Jamaat-Shibir activists vandalized the Rajshahi Chamber Building and Dutch Bangla Bank Rajshahi Corporate branch. O.C. of Boalia Thana, Ziaul Hoque said, Bangli Vision cameraman, Abu Saeed was shot by a bullet and 2 cops were injured. 7 had been arrested.
Before this, 23 Jammat-Shibir members were arrested from the rail station.

Mar 2 Chittagong 3 Dead in Shatkaniya Clashes [28]

Police and Jamaat-Shibir were involved in huge clashes in Shatkaniya, Chittagong. 2 had died till noon, but later the death increased to 3.
The deceased are – Shahidul Islam (15), son of Abu Taher of Azimpur village, Chodaha union, Shatkaniya upazilla, Abu Taher (28), son of Abdur Rashid of Choto Dhemsha area and Md. Osman (26), son of Siddique Ahmed from Afzalnagar.
They were killed during clashes at the exit to the Chittagon-Cox’s Bazar highway and surrounding area, according to police, witnesses and local reporters. After the death verdict of Delwar Hossein Sayeedee for war crimes, the three have died from Jamaat-Shibir clashes.

Chittagong district Police Super K.M. Hafiz Akhter told in the evening, “I have heard of the deaths of three, but haven’t seen the dead bodies yet.” He also said that the police are busy trying to clear up the traffic on the highway which was stopped because of the clashes.

Additional Police Super of South Region Chittagong, Md. Iltutmish confirmed the deaths of two in the afternoon clashes.
After Sayeedee’s verdict on Thursday, Jamaat-Shibir created barricades in different parts of the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar highway in Shatkaniya and Lohagora. On Saturday, when police went to clear the barricades, the clashes started. Shatkaniya Thana O.C. Md. Ismael told that Shibir activists vandalized and tried to set fire to several buses headed to Chittagong from Cox’s Bazar. When police and RAB personnel tried to obstruct them, Shibir members assaulted the police. Thus a flurry of charges and counter charges took place. At this juncture, the police fired for self-preservation. In response, the Shibir members fired back.

Great clashes broke out in Shatkaniya and Lohagora on Thursday as well. Two, including a policeman were killed in Lohagora. Besides this, an elderly Hindu was murdered by Shibir in Baashkhali.

Incidents of destruction and arson in Mirsarai and Sitakunud

On Saturday morning, from a flash procession, Shibir activists vandalized several vehicles, including trucks and covered vans carrying goods on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. They also set fire to a number of cars. On Friday, deep at night, a truck was set to fire on a truck in the municipality.

In Mirsarai Badamtoli, several vehicles, including to passenger buses were vandalized and set to fire on the highway. Mirsarai Thana O.C. Iftekhar Hasan told that the Shibir members started a procession on the highway and vandalized cars. When chased off by police, 7 were arrested.
Cars were set ablaze in two places in Shitakundu, according to O.C. Samiul Alam. 5 were arrested in connection with this.

Mar 2 Natore 7 Arrested after Attack on Police [29]

Lalpur Thana police have arrested 7 from Lalpur and Baraigram in connection with the attack on Natore police
Police informed that, on Thursday, after the death verdict of Delwar Hossein Sayeedee, police were attacked at Kadimchilan intersection in the upazilla. On Friday night, police arrested Mehedi Hasan Rony (23), son of Shahabul Islam, Solayman (23), son of Azhar Ali and Rezaul Karim (36) from Bhangapara village along with Mozammel Huq (37), son of Shahjahan Mridha Naibinagar Nangla village. From Baraigram upazilla Lutfur Rahman Nazu (37), son of Abed Ali of Mashinda village, Jahangir Alam (23), son of Khalilur Rahman and Alamgir Hossein(20) of Maddha Malipara village were arrested. Officer on duty at Lalpur Thana, Matiyar Rahman informed that S.I. Abdur Rouf had filed a case as plaintiff naming 85 people along with 2500 unknown in connection with the attacks on police, and setting fire to the human hauler on Thursday.

Mar 2 Laxmipur 6 Police Injured in Attack on Police by Jamaat-Shibir [30]

6 police are injured during clashes between Jamaat-Shibir cadres and police in Raypur upazilla in Laxmipur.
Police have filed a case against 200 unknowns in connection to this incident on Saturday. 10 Jamaat-Shibir members have been arrested from different parts of the district.

The injured in the attack – S.I. Abul Kalam Azad, S.I. Khairul Alam, Constable Shasuddin Faruq, Delwar Hossein, Mizanur Rahman, Piyush, Delwar Hossein were treated at Upazilla Health Complex.

Raipur Thana O.C. Md. Abul Kashem tod that Jamaat-Shibir cadres cut down trees and used them to barricade the street near Holakhali Bazaar on the Haiderganj Road in the upazilla. When police tried to stop them, they started throwing stones at the police.
Police fired 20 rounds of rubber bullet and 4 rounds of tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Mar 2 Sylhet Jamaat Attacks Police in Biyanibazar, 550 Accused [31]

550 Jamaat-Shibir leaders and members have been accused in a case after clashes on Thursday in Biyanibazar. On Thursday afternoon, when Jamaat-Shibir brought out a procession in protest to the death verdict of Jamaat leader Delwar Hossein Sayeedee in the municipalty, police tried to stop them. This led to clashes between them, where Jamaat attacked the police, set fire to police life jackets, threw stones at them. The police fired bullets and tear gas shells on Jamaat activists, injuring quite a few. Cases have been filed against 550 Jamaat members.

On Thursday night, Biyanibazar Thana SI Khandaker Jahangir Kabir filed a ‘Police Assault’ case as the plaintiff. 89 members of Upazilla Jamaat-Shibir were named as defendants in the case. They include – Upazilla Jamaat Ameer Maulana Faizul Islam, Municipal Jamaat Ameer Maulana Mos-Fa Udin, Nayeb-E-Ameer Maula Jamir Uddin, Fazul Rahman, former District Shibir Vice President Farid Al Mamum, Abul Hasnat, Shibir leader Sadique Ahmed, Abdul Malik, Jamaat leader Ekhlasur Rahman, Jalal Ahmed, Babul Huq, Sayef Uddin, Yahiya Uddin, Rubel Ahmed and others.

In order to keep the confidentiality of the case, the police officer on duty, refused to give the names of the other accused in the case. Police said that the accused attacked and threw stones on the police from the procession. They also set fire to police life jackets. Also, 450 to 500 unidentified members of Jamaat have been named as defendants in the case.
Biyanibazar Thana O.C. A.K.M. Fazul Huq Shibli told this reporter that on Thursday 3 others have been apprehended along with the already arrested 3. Police are continuing to make more arrest.

Elsewhere, Biyanibazar Upazilla Jamaat-E-Islami Ameer told in a press statement that the police attacked the leaders and members of the organization. He also accused Jubo league and Chhatra league of attacking vandalizing businesses and claimed the case filed by the police was to harass to Jamaat members only.

Mar 3 Rajshahi Clashes in Rajshahi, 2 Killed [32]

Jamaat and Shibir activists engage Police and BGB during strike in Godagari, Rajshahi
Police said that at least 2 people were killed during the clashes. Section 144 has been imposed in Godagari to control the situation. The deceased are – Jamaat leader Mujahid Hasan (45) from Mohishalbari, Godagari and Rafiqul Islam (13), son of Mostofa Ali of Bhagamantupur village. Rafiqul Islam was a student of class nine in the local Ayesha Shaber Dakhil Madrasa. His father Mostofa Ali is a local Jamaat leader.

Godagari Thana S.I. Mobaraque Hossein was gravely injured during the clashes and has been admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. Rajshahi District Police Super (SP) Alamgir Hossein told that SI Hossein was beaten mercilessly by Jamaat-Shibir men and sustained massive injuries.
He said that on Sunday morning, at Godagari Hall intersection of the Rajshahi-Chapainawabganj highway, the strike activists barricaded the road and started vandalizing vehicles. When police tried to stop them, they attacked them with sticks and exploded several hand-made bombs.

When police and BGB fried in self-defense a few of the protesters were injured. They were taken to Godagari Health Complex, where Rafiqul and Mujahid succumbed to injuries. 10 others, wounded by bullet have been admitted to Rajshahi Medical College and Godagari Upazilla Health Complex. They are – S.I. Mobaraque Hossein, Shahibur Islam (30), Alamgir Hossein (35), Alam Hossein (35), Tozammel Ali (30), Rubel Rana (25), Ashraful Islam (25), Maula Shahidur Rahman (50), Mezbaul Alam (15), Ismail Hoseein (18) and mute Abdul Aleem (40).

The Police Super informed that in the morning, Jamaat-Shibir fell tree trunks over a stretch of 5 kilometers (3 miles) near Kesharhat, Mohonpur upazilla and started protesting.
Godagari acting UNO Aminul Islam told that section 144 was imposed to bring the situation under control after the clashes. It will be in place until further notice.

However, the strike supporters, hearing that six had died, started to protest for a second time at Mohishalbari Bazar Road. Greater City police commissioner Monir-uz-Zaman told reporters that the strike supporters fell down trees on the highway and were protesting in the morning near Obhay intersection in Rajshahi City’s bypass. They set a fire to a truck carrying goods. Fire brigade came to the scene and brought it under control. Later the police cleared away the trunks from the road.
Jamaat-Shibir activists have been on a rampage of violence and destruction since the death verdict of convicted war criminal Delwar Hosseis Sayeedee on Thursday. Jamaat had called a 48 hour strike on Sunday and Monday. BNP, political ally to Jamaat also called for strike on Tuesday in response to the deaths during Jamaat protests and violence.

Mar 3 Jhenidah Police Killed in Attack by Jamaat [33-36]

One Constable is killed during attack by Jamaat-Shibr activists in Harinakundu, Jhenidah during strike
The dead body of the slain Constable Omar Faruq is being kept at Harinakundu Thana.
The Harinakundu Thana O.C. Rezaul karim told that on Sunday 11 am, supporters of the strike brought out a procession and attacked the upazilla complex. “When police tried to stop them, Jamaat-Shibir activists assaulted them with sticks and rods. During the attack Omar Faruq died on the spot, 4 other police were injured.” The injured were admitted to the local health complex and clinic.

Jamaat and Shibir activists had gone on a rampage of violence and terror after the death verdict of convicted war criminal and Nayeb-E-Ameer of Jamaat E Islami Delwar Hossein Sayeedee on Thursday. Rejecting the verdict, Jamaat had called a 48 hour strike on Sunday and Monday. BNP, political ally to Jamaat also called for strike on Tuesday in response to the deaths during Jamaat protests and violence.

Mar 3 Bogra Attack on Police Station, Section 144 [37]

At the onset of the strike, Jamaat members have attacked 4 police stations in Bogra, going on a rampage in the area. Section 144 has been imposed in the city after the attacks.
Sadar Thana S.I. Lutfur Rahman informed that several groups of Jamaat-Shibir member attacked the police stations in Naruli, Fulbari, Stadium and Mokamtola after 5 am. Faced with the massive attacks, the officers on duty in these stations had to leave their posts.

Immediately afterwards Jamaat-Shibir activists engaged in sporadic clashes with law enforcing forces in Shibganj, Shahjanpur and Bogra Zero Point intersection. In the light of these events, Section 144 was imposed indefinitely from 6 am by announcements throughout the city. Gatherings were also banned, according to local correspondent. Lutfur Rahman said, “BGB personnel are on the ground with police. We are trying our best to keep the law and order situation in control.”

Mar 3 Gaibandha Body of Police Killed in Jamaat Attack Buried [38]

The burial of the slain constable Hazrat Ali was completed at Kishamot villagbe, Gharialdanga union, Rajarhat upazilla in Kurigram. He was killed in an attack by Jamaat-Shibir in Gaibandha. Police brought the dead body to Kishamot village by special means. The mother and wife of the deceases were fainting after seeing the body, while his sone Ifte Khairuzzaman Labonno (4) was screaming in agony. He was muttering for the punishment of the policeman’s killers.

After the death sentence of Sayeedee Jamaat-Shibir members attacked the police post of Bamondanga, Sundarganj upazilla in Gaibandha, killing Hazrat Ali (30). He was the son of the late Abu Shama from Kishamot, Gharialdanga union, Rajarhat uapzilla, Gaibandha

Mourning at Touhid’s house

Meanwhile there was great sorrow and mourning at the home of Engineer Touhidul Islam (49), another victim Jamaat-Shibir madness. On Thursday, during the strike, after his motel was set to fire, he jumped from the roof and was killed. His dead body was brought home on Friday at 7.30 am. His father Shahjahan Ali, in a choked up voice, demanded punishment for the gruesome death of his son.

Mar 3 Comilla 7 Police Injured in Jamaat Assault in Laksham [39]

During the first day of strike on Sunday, around 6 am Jamaat-Shibir activists uprooted the rail tracks between Laksham-Noakhali. Reparation work on the tracks started around 11.30 am. Train transportation was closed for almost five and a half hours. Elsewhere, Jamaat-Shibir blockaded the Laksham-Sonaimuri Road near Ladhua in Nangalkot upazilla. When police tried to thwart them, they threw stones on the police. 7 cops were injured.

Laksham Thana Officer in Command (O.C.) Abul Khair informed that around 9.30 am the Jamaat-Shibir activists blockaded the road. One of the injured policemen was Sub-Inspector Md. Giasuddin. Police fired 20-25 blank rounds to bring the situation under control.

According to Laksham Railway, Jamaat-Shibir members uprooted both the rail tracks on the south side of the Bipulashar Upazilla Rail Station. The intercity rail Upukul Express, from Chittagong to Dhaka was stuck at Sonaimuri station.
Laksham Junction Transportation Inspector (T.I.) Masud Sarwar said that a special train was dispatched to the area after the uprooting of the tracks. Reparations were completed at 11.25 am. Regular train transportation was resumed on the tracks.

Laksham Railway Station O.C. Suvash Kanti Das said that police, security forces and Ansar personnel have been deployed in the area to maintain law and order. He also said that Jamaat-Shibir activist set fire to a railway bridge sleeper (Rathir Pool) near Bipulashar Station during the striked on Thursday last. During reparations, eight railway personnel were injured during attack by Shibir cadres.



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