January 18th

The Uncertain Journey - Tahmina Zaman

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The Uncertain Journey

- Tahmina Zaman
Educator; Story writer; Assistant Professor, Home Economics College, Dhaka
Current Location: Syracuse, New York, USA

It was well past sunset, but we hadn't realized it, since all the doors and windows were shut tight. A bunch of us were confined under a bed since earlier in the day. This was the beginning of April, 1971, we were surrounded by death.

The sunny, beautiful afternoon turned into a horrific evening as several Sabre Jets were flying over us. Till then we had no idea what was about to happen. I was just about to feed my 8 month old baby. After feeding him a few teaspoons of milk, I was about to give him some more, and then…my hand shook fiercely and the spoon dropped. A terrible noise broke out that shook the entire house. The tin walls of the house rattled loudly. All of us in that room were stunned. No one made a peep of a sound, there was only fear and anxiety in our eyes. What was about to happen? The scared little baby in my arms buried his face in my chest.

Right Before My Eyes - Ahmed Bashir

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Right Before My Eyes

-Ahmed Bashir
Novelist, Dhaka

On the 7th of April, we came from Moghbazar to Puran Dhaka (Old Dhaka). There was an eerie silence in Moghbazar area by then. It felt like a ghost town - desolate and deserted. From time to time we could hear the sound of Azaan from the mosque next to our house. It felt as if the sound melted itself with the smell of gunpowder.

In Front of the Loved Ones - Nazma Begum

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In Front of the Loved Ones

- Nazma Begum
Housewife, Dhaka

26 March 1971, Bangladesh Water Development Board, O&M Circle, Sylhet. We used to live in the Superintendent Engineer’s house. I had sent Tajul Islam, our servant, to bring some eggs for breakfast that morning. He returned with the news that a curfew had been declared and a rickshaw-puller and a local betel-leaf seller had been shot to death by the Pakistani soldiers. A little later we observed from our balcony that many people gathered at a place called Maniratila. I wondered what the gathering was about. How many were being shot to death by the barbaric aggressor army? We were panic-stricken and remained at home. Curfew was being enforced in Sylhet from dawn to dusk almost everyday. Hence, people had much difficulty with their everyday lives. My husband, shaheed Altaf Hossain would do some grocery for our daily meals every evening after the curfew was lifted. Our lives carried on like this.

January 12th

Shell-shattered Newspaper Office

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This is from the translation project some of us are working on of the book 1971: Dreadful Experiences (১৯৭১: ভয়াবহ অভিজ্ঞতা). The book is a collection of witness accounts to 1971 Liberation War and the Independence of Bangladesh by the country's educationists, writers, professionals. The book is edited by Rashid Hayder and was first published on the Victory Day of 1989.

December 29th, 2013

A scavenged list of 195 Pakistani war criminals

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[i]The purpose of this post is documentation only. I have been looking for the list of the 195 Pakistani war criminals talked about all the time in public forum. A quick Google search took me to a discussion in a Google group which contains a list of 200.

December 19th

National ASSembly

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When hundreds of asses agree to bray for one WAR CRIMINAL'S ASS.

December 11th

Infamous Bastards

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Original: কুখ্যাত জারজ
Translator : Fahmim (ফাহমিম)
Editor: Rikta (রিক্তা)

Momena Begum continued in a monotonous voice,

- I am Momena Begum, wife of Habibur Rahman, daughter of Hazrat Ali Lashkar.
- How old were you?

November 9th

Destination: Mirpur Mass Graves - Nazrul Bari

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An incident near the end of the liberation war agitates me even today, it paralyses me. I do not recall the date clearly but it was around the third week of November, 1971. I used to live in the first house on Road. 32, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It was near 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon. I had gone to Azimpur Colony with my own plans. Two of my friends used to live there, Naser Chowdhury, who was a student of the Engineering University back then and a famous goalkeeper in those days; and Santu from the Mohammedan Football Club. We were talking about a lot of things for quite some time - the ongoing liberation war, the freedom of our country, the activities of the freedom fighters, the atrocities of the Pak army and their Bengali collaborators- the Razakars, etc.

November 3rd

Only a Lonely Sunset at Mooney’s Bay

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The day is getting close to the end…the sunlight is disappearing…

There is a woman running on the beach. She makes marks on the damp sand. How far does she want to go?

October 11th

Did ICNA ditch the alleged war criminal, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, silently?

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On June 24, 2013, ran a news about the visit of one of the investigators of the International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh. He was investigating the involvement of Ashrafuzzaman Khan in war crime during the 1971 liberation war which gave birth to Bangladesh. Here is an excerpt from the news about his crime: