1971: Dreadful Experiences

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The posts collaborated here are the translations of eye witness accounts of the 1971 liberation war and independence of Bangladesh, from the book - ১৯৭১: ভয়াবহ অভিজ্ঞতা (1971: Dreadful Experiences). The book is a collection of witness accounts of 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, by the country's educationists, writers, professionals, freedom fighters to businessmen and housewives. The original book was edited by Rashid Haider and was first published by Mofidul Hoque of 'Jatiyo Shahitto Prakash' on the Victory Day of 1989.

The translation initiative was taken with the goal to spread the stories of 1971, our Liberation War to the international audience. A very enthusiastic volunteer team of nearly 40 translators and reviewers have participated in the project. The first translated drafts have then gone under a thorough review and editorial process by an editorial board -
Chief Editor: Munawar Hafiz
Editors: Salwa Mostafa, Farhana Sufi, Ashfaqur Rahman

This is an effort to collaborate the translations under the ব-ই (ebook) format in Sachalayatan: Online Writers' Community with the consent of the volunteers who have worked on the project.

We hope, that a complete eBook will be published sometime in the near future in various eBook formats. In the meantime, we request the readers to share the link to this ব-ই and the individual posts through Facebook, Google+ and other social networking, e-mails,etc. with your friends, family, acquaintances, especially with your friends abroad. The more the international community knows about 1971 and the history of the liberation war of Bangladesh, the better.

Any suggestion regarding the translations will be appreciated in the comment sections of the individual posts. We request the reader to share the posts and help spread the stories of 1971.
Thank you.



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