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A new beginning

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Submitted by nilkanto on Wed, 27/08/2014 - 5:55am

It took 42 hours to reach my current location from Bangladesh.
We, the ones who seek better life, better opportunity, selfish ones all go out at some point. Then we all return when our interest is served by our country the best. I am one of those.

This is not a writing about my regret or the reasons. This is a writing for what to expect and what not to expect from abroad.

From the diary

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Submitted by Ahir Bhairab [Guest] on Thu, 16/05/2013 - 11:17pm

[NB: This piece is taken from a diary entry from 2010 when I was briefly interning for a charity. Sadly, the contents still remain relevant.]

I'm drafting a consultation paper for DFID (Department for International Development) on maternal mortality. Doing the research has been difficult. It has been pretty damn awful really. I've basically spent the last couple of days going through a catalogue of all the horrific atrocities inflicted on women and young girls across the world, all in the name of tradition, custom, honour, religion. There may not be much in common between the troubled Somalia and the up-and-coming-nearly-developed India, but one thing that connects the two is the fact that women and girls of both the countries continue to face violence. The forms may vary wildly from female genital mutilation to sex-selective abortion, but the victims are the same group of human beings - women.

Jamaat's violent political history.

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Submitted by himika64 on Thu, 21/02/2013 - 1:57am

In the midst of the unforeseen uprising among people of Bangladesh in Shahbag, demanding capital punishment to the convicted war criminals, Baroness Warsi visited Bangladesh as part of the England prime minister and his team's tour of south asia. The visiting British Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi has said she does not believe that banning a political party is the best way to win the battle of ideas but the public can decide what kind of future they want for Bangladesh. I am sure this is a diplomatic statement, but how much does she really know about the ideas of Jamaat-e-Islami and their mandate. And before we delve into the violent history of this Islam abusing political party, has she taken into account the public out-pour in Shahbag who gathered there to let the world know "what kind of future they want for Bangladesh", to quote the baroness.

Be focused, stay focused (Chronicle of Rajib's killing foretold)

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Submitted by guest_writer on Tue, 19/02/2013 - 8:52am

Translated from লাইনে থাকুন, লাইনে রাখুন by নীড় সন্ধানী http://www.sachalayatan.com/hrrh69/48052

I did not know Rajib, I was not even familiar with his writings. So far as I know, in his lifetime, Rajib was not a well known or a popular blogger. But after his death, a frenzy had been created around him. I don’t know what was the motif behind targeting him. There were bloggers who are much more popular than him who could have been targeted. Rather Rajib was targeted. An advance news on Rajib’s death was there in the Sonar Bangla blog. What’s the reason behind that?

Whistler Trip

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Submitted by guest_writer on Wed, 12/09/2012 - 9:28am

[justify]It was august 29th and we had a trip offered by Boro Mama to Whistler together with Baba and my two cousins, Zahur and Sameen. Unfortunately my mom couldn’t manage to join us because she had to go to work; but she made some sandwitches for our lunch.

Walkin in memphis

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Submitted by nilkanto on Wed, 18/07/2012 - 12:33pm

Raindrops are falling on my head

The famous spider man sound track...

And how mesmerizing it becomes when you find the melody in rain.

Suited up, bag on back and here I walk in the rain, with the song in my lips.
Feeling bit cold, only few are in the rain, few crazy and few in love.