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It was august 29th and we had a trip offered by Boro Mama to Whistler together with Baba and my two cousins, Zahur and Sameen. Unfortunately my mom couldn’t manage to join us because she had to go to work; but she made some sandwitches for our lunch.

It was around 150 km from our house. At starting point the weather condition was good but it showed that on the way it’s going to be cloudy and rainy. Even though it was rainy sometimes, we still enjoyed it.
We stopped on few viewpoints and 2 waterfalls. First we stopped at Shannon Falls and another one called the Brandywine Falls. Shannon Falls was really nice. Shannon Falls is composed of a series of cliffs, rising 335 metres making it the third highest falls in BC. The falling waters of Shannon Falls origins from Mount Habrich and Mount Sky Pilot. There were some bike-cum-walking trails too. I wished that I brought my bike so I could ride it there. Me and Zahur climbed rocks and dirt hills for fun.
Brandywine Falls were really nice too. Brandywine Falls drops just about 70m and the nearby cavern features rockslides that have crushed from the walls over hundreds of years. The water went down and formed a beautiful lake which is called the Rose lake. The difference was that we watched the Shannon Falls from below and the other one from above. I think I liked the Brandywine Falls better than the Shannon Falls.
In the first viewpoint, there was only a famous person’s statue nothing else. The next viewpoint there were lots of thing to enjoy. The view was really nice, there is a bench where my grand-parents once sat on and took a picture. Me and Zahur climbed steep and slippery rocks and Baba took pictures. We drove past a cyclist around three times when we headed to Whistler. I also saw a cyclist who was riding in the car lane. Later I found out the highway we were in, the Trans Canada hwy, is the longest road in the world-over 7800kms. The interesting thing is it has bike-lane on both sides of the road all the way.
After the second viewpoint, Mama drove straight to Whistler without stopping anywhere. We could see the Britannia Mine Museum from car. The Britannia Mine Museum is a recently transformed, historic destination on Britannia Beach located just 10 minutes south of Squamish. There are 210 km (150 miles) of mining tunnels in the mountain at Britannia. Mama parked the car and we had lunch beside the car. Normally I eat super slow, but that time I was hungry so I ate pretty fast.
Then we walked until we reached a rapid. We climbed down rocks to go by the river. Baba took a lot of snapshots of us. We crossed the river to Whistler center, a place where there are food shops and playground and stuff. Then Mama bought tickets for all of us to ride on the chair lift and Gondola. First we rode on a chair lift. Me and Baba went on a open one and Mama, Zahur and Sameen went on a convertible one. Baba turned to take a picture of Zahur behind us and Baba’s camera-lens’ cover fell down. Baba marked the place where it fell down and told me that he will get it later. It was my first time experiencing riding a cable-car.
A short time afterwards we got down from our chair lift and went on to another one. This time it was me, Baba and Zahur together. Both of us sat on the convertible one, because it was raining. Zahur was talking nonstop and it was very annoying. Me and Baba had to tell Zahur to be quiet more than 10 times! The ride was about 7 minutes. We got off the chair-lift and Baba took some nice pictures of us. The view was really nice. We were at 4400 ft and we could hardly see the Whistler town below because of the cloud.
Then we went to ride on the big Gondola, Whistler Peak to Peak Through the Clouds, together. It was written on the Gondola that it was the highest gondola of its kind from the valley point. The record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is an engineering marvel that links Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains together at their peaks. Boasting the longest unsupported lift span in the world (3.024 kilometres or 1.88 miles), it is also the highest lift of its kind with an elevation of 435 metres/1,427 feet. It was fun riding it. It felt like we were flying through the clouds. We saw the trees below, we also saw a small river, it looked like a blue rope on grass! It could carry 15 person per Gondola.
When we got off, it was very cold and windy for us cause we didn’t wear winter cloths. We went to a souvenir shop where there were cloths and winter jackets for sale. Baba said that he could buy me a jacket. But I said I didn’t need any.
We walked down a steep hill to go to the next chair-lift. The ride was short and fun but a bit scary. All of them were open chair. It was extremely cold. Once there was a white out. We were 7100 ft on top. After spending a few minutes at the top we turned and went back down to that souvenir shop. From there we took a smaller gondola for coming back to the valley.
We could see the cyclists jumping and riding fast below on the mountain biking trail. Baba and I went to get Baba’s camera-thing. It was very steep. We then went back to Whistler center where I had some delicious beef sandwitch. After that we went to the Whistler village, a place where there are a lots of shops and stuff. There were bikes for rent and sale. I really wanted to rent a bike. We went to Blenz coffee and we all got some hot chocolate. There were big olympic rings, me and Zahur took a picture standing there. There were some cool 3D paintings.
We went to the car and went back home. It was the best place I went to Canada so far. I wish next time I could bring Ma with us.

Umran Matisse

Pictures taken by Baba


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Thanks Matisse, Keep it up.

Every Picture Tells a Story

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Excellent, Matisse! Seems you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep it up!

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Very good Matiss- hope to see more stories like this in future. Wish you good luck.

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Whistler is one of my favorite places. Good work Matisse, loved it. Keep it up.

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Loved your writing Matisse! Keep posting!

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Welcome to Sachal, Matisse. Keep us posted about your next walks, and perhaps with a few pictures taken by yourself too?

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very interesting writeup Matisse, and amazing photos too! হাসি

keep up the good work! চলুক

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Well, the gondola seems scary to me! I need to be more brave to be on that!
But its a wonderful place I would love to visit sometimes.
Matisse, I know you have some old writings and paintings too. Why dont you post some of those here?

নিজের ভেতর কোথায় সে তীব্র মানুষ!
অক্ষর যাপন

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Matisse is my favorite artist- now I am having another Matisse হাসি
Keep these good articles coming…

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I could not see any photo. Did I miss something???

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You are really really good at story telling বাঘের বাচ্চা
You’d make an awesome travel-writer, Matisse, if you continue to write চলুক

Thanks for the cool post. And don’t make us wait too long on your next post হাসি

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Matisse, we are really proud of you... you are the best and you will be the best in your time.....lots of love......

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Baba, I love- the way you see things in details.
keep it up - Baba

Love Ma moni

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