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Submitted by nilkanto on Wed, 27/08/2014 - 5:55am

It took 42 hours to reach my current location from Bangladesh.
We, the ones who seek better life, better opportunity, selfish ones all go out at some point. Then we all return when our interest is served by our country the best. I am one of those.

This is not a writing about my regret or the reasons. This is a writing for what to expect and what not to expect from abroad.
I was one of the few lucky ones to be picked up at the airport. People DO NOT have time for that, usually. It's not their fault. Their life is busy and you will see that once you arrive here. If someone does manage the time do feel grateful.

Everything costs here, everything. While spending 20 dollars (1600 Taka) on a dress in Bangladesh, you wont care much. But here even 1 cent matters. Nobody will give you that. This is not the sign of a miser rather the sign of someone who usually struggles. I am talking about students.

Feeling sick, got a cut or need emergency treatment? Hospitals are always open in Bangladesh. You pay and you get treatment. Not here, in the states (Don't know about all of Europe). A good example was given by a senior. If you have an emergency problem with your eye, and someone has a life threatening problem, he will get priority, not you—unlike Bangladesh.

As I write this, I hear sirens of police vehicle. Had a SMS at 4 am saying armed robbery near my street. That's how much safe this place is. Their were thieves in my neighbourhood, back home in Bangladesh. I never heard anything like this. Here, I live in one of the safest places!

My room is totally empty. I only have a frame for the bed. Got a mattress and a table today. Yesterday I got a shelf. I also got a fan. And I cook my own food, nobody is going to cook for you. The nearest wallmart is 1 hour walk. So, most of the things you need to buy, you buy once a week. You eat frozen food.

I have eaten rice only once in the last one week. Yes today is my one week here. I like it because I wanted this life. Many would not, because they wanted but did not know how hard it can be. For a Bangladeshi, not eating rice is like not having water (for the majority). I learned that back in 2013, for the first time I was here. I adopted over time, over traveling.

No jet-leg for me, as I travel a lot. For most, it takes a week to get used to the time. A senior told me, the time in USA flies faster, I do agree. It feels like I just woke up took my classes, cooked and went for shopping.

I love the opportunities I have here. A library so big, and so updated. I wish we had such things in Bangladesh. If a book is not here, they bring it from a different campus! And it's open 24, 7.

I wish to write more, more about I got here. Maybe next time.


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