An overview of the killings of BSF at the border and 'Boycott Indian Products' movement

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Submitted by skyblue-modu on Fri, 02/03/2012 - 5:19am

You all remember Habibur, right? You know, that Habibur who was stripped down and beaten like an animal while the Indian border guard Jawans sipped hot tea from their cups? The same Habibur, who had trouble with the 'management' so the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) Jawans set fire to his genitals using petrol. That's right, I am asking about the same Habibur. I know, you all know about that Habibur for sure!

You know, because you have all seen the sensational video clip of torturing Habibur, on NDTV, Youtube. Then you read a lot of it in the newspapers in detail. You even read very important stuff like 'There may be Pakistani propaganda behind the widespread of this video clip', diverting the real focus from the torture inflicted by BSF, by some of the clowns from the 'Anondobazar' circus. After all this, its something that Habibur still lives! What a relief! Come, let's salute them, they deserve one! At least some terrorist like Habibur who was carrying all those weapons of mass destruction under his 'lungi' was spared his LIFE, courtesy to all the administration! Hail you, Sirs!!

You all know much much better than me about Habibur. I would rather not waste your time and try your patience with all his stories again. Let me tell you about the 'other' Habinur. His real name is 'Saidur'. Age only 18 or who knows, may be a little less even, who cares about the details! There are more important stuff to care for you see. It's far more important to memorize the timetable of our favorite Indian Satellite Channels! Anyway, Saidur's home was in the Sahapara-Dakatpara village of the border regions in Chapai-Nawabganj. He died on way to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on 4 September, 2010. [News reference:]

BSF had cut the arteries and veins of his arms and legs and left him to die by the river Padma. They kept his testicles for their amusement perhaps, by the way!

Do you find any similarities between setting fire to Habibur's genitals and cutting away Saidur's testicles? I don't think so. Saidur's video didn't appear in NDTV or Youtube. And we, by default are unable to think beyond our limited 'vision'. Who cares about some Saidur or Abidur dead at some place away from us by some BSF? We are happy to provide money to India so that BSF can strip down Habibur in a year and halves time and set his genitals on fire!

Although 'Anondobazar' succeeded in stopping the 'Pakistani propaganda of spreading such a vile video' that time, they couldn't somehow stop the BSF from continuing the tortures. Or who knows - may be they didn't want to. May be WE didn't want to either. How else can the BSF chief Bansal declare in such strong voice, that firing along the border would not be stopped!
I wonder how we still manage to put our money in to the Indian treasury even after such insolent remark!

BSF beat and broke down both legs of Senarul at the Shibganj Upazila. Have you ever stopped to consider, that you have some responsibility to that as well? Have you ever thought that the 2 lac Dollars you pay to India in terms of the Indian TV channels only, watching all the crappy stuff in Star Jalsha etc. that probably helps provide for the same BSF's salary, ration, weapons and even probably the wood chunks to beat and brake someone's legs. Probably the same BSF is attacking with great enthusiasm our Saidurs, Senaruls, Shafikuls, Ismails, Shyamols, Habiburs at our borders with the same weapon bought with the money you help to provide.

Come, let's have a look at the summarized relevant data of these tortures of the last three years only, that we've obtained from the news media [Reference courtesy:]

DEATH of Bangladeshis at the border districts in the hands of BSF (March 2009 – February 2012).


Bangladeshis INJURED in the hands of BSF at the border districts (March 2009 – February 2012).


Bangladeshis ABDUCTED by BSF at the border districts (March 2009 – February 2012).


The complete picture of the death tolls at the Border is much severe. If we consider the Government organizations only, it is something like this -

Official claims_eng

Even if we ignore the death tolls that do not appear in the media, or even the information BDR/BGB is claiming, the official claims of India or BSF vary drastically with that of the Humanitarian Organizations.

Meanwhile on 24 February 2012, in Delhi, the Indian home minister Chidambaram said, "only three incidents had been reported over the past eight months, one in November and two in December and these resulted in the death of four people. We do regret all deaths on the border, but in all the three incidents over the past eight months, the BSF personnel had no other option but to open fire to save their colleagues after they had been attacked"

The information only from the newspapers state that the first two months of 2012 has seen 4 killings in the hands of BSF, yet Chidambaram decided it cannot be more than 4 even if the period is stretched to eight months! The news from December 2011 alone exceeds more than 6 killings! Besides by saying, "BSF personnel had no other option but to open fire to save their colleagues after they had been attacked" - Chidambaram is actually intentionally providing indemnity to BSF. Of course he can do that. However, BSF chief's "Firing along the border would not be stopped" and the home minister's "Open fire to save yourself" ideology will for sure not stop the sporting spree of the BSF of Bangladeshi civilians at the Border. And what of the punishment or trial of the BSF? Let's all forget about such irrelevant matters!

That is why, it is time we found a way to protest and solve this ourselves. We need to to decide if we are to support this killing, the continuation of this torture! We need to decide ourselves if we are to help to provide for the BSF economically directly or indirectly!

Take a little bit of your time. Try to find the self-esteem inside you, and then ask yourself, which is more important to you, your self-respect or the temporary entertainment-personal profit! Just think at least once, if YOU are DETERMINED to stop that fellow Bangladeshi being killed, tortured or abducted from his own country at the border in the hands of the BSF.

If you are, then please, give a message to India on 1 March. Tell them, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Let them know, we refuse to succumb to becoming their market as long as a single Bangladeshi is treated otherwise!

And the rest of you that are interested to cry for the rest of the 364 days, I beg to remind you, that before you begin the journey of a thousand miles, you first need to take the first step! Let's do just that, now. We can dream about the leap of a thousand miles from our beds later on, let's just take the first step if you can, for now!

[I wanted to add a video clip. But it is getting delayed by my being kept busy with a hundred things. I promise to finish making and publishing that within this week hopefully.

The maps and chart used here has been solely rendered for the readers of Sachalayatan. They have been prepared in both Bangla and English to be used in the video targetting both audiences.

A special Thanks goes to fellow blogger - friend Drohee for finding time to kindly help in rendering the maps.]





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Thanks for the translation Jajabar!

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Great চলুক

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Good job! চলুক

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Job well done চলুক perfectly spot-on চলুক
Thanks a million for putting efforts in translating the piece.

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Salute! Both you and DhuGo'da!

নিজের ভেতর কোথায় সে তীব্র মানুষ!
অক্ষর যাপন

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অন্ধকার শেষ হ'লে যেই স্তর জেগে ওঠে আলোর আবেগে...

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great work sis!!! চলুক

Give Her Freedom!

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Thank you all. An overview post was on the BSF killings and tortures was necessary even if it is based on newspaper information of the last three years only. The real credit goes to Sachal Dhushor Godhuli and Drohee for their effort in data accumulation and graphical rendering.

I would like to draw attention to Droheeda's comment in the original post that, the data used here for the maps is incomplete and in fact is even less than what BSF claims. The maps will change dramatically if the BGB or Humanitarian organizations' data is used!!

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স্বপ্নরাই সব জাগিয়ে রাখে।

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Great job done, much appreciated!!! sharing it.

Keep it up.

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