Shibir's conspiracy to murder 10 Islamic scholars foiled

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While vetting out the site to execute a plan of murdering 10 Islamic Scholars of Jamia Ahmedia Madrassa (Islamic School) in the town of Sholoshohor, Chittagong a Shibir activist was apprehended. The culprit's name is Mahmudul Hasan who was caught with a list of those 10 Islamic scholars. Based on his statement, 7 more Shibir activists were arrested from the "Ishak Bhobon" building near Kalamia Bazar in Chittagong.

The rest of arrested were -- Abdur Rahman Biswas (Team Leader), Rezaul Karim, Osman Goni, Arifur Rahman Md. Yunus, Ashraf Ullah, Md. Jasim Uddin.

The reason behind targeting these scholars of Sunni Jamia Madrassa were their criticism of the misrepresentation of Islam by the Jamaat-Shibir activists. These scholars have always been respectful of Bangladesh and the liberation of Bangladesh. That is why these scholars have always taken a stand against Jamaat.

The 10 scholars of Sunni Alia Madrassa targeted for killing were -- Ashrafujjaman Al Kaderi, Jalal Uddin Al Kaderi, Ubaydul Hoque, Joynal Abedin Jubair, Sogir Ahmed Usmani, Osiar Rahman, Abul Kashem Nuri, Abdul Wajed, Mufti Yunus, Md. Taohid.

The Police mentioned, this afternoon Mahmudul Hasan was caught suspiciously hanging around in the Shyamoli residential area. After the initial interrogation, Mahmudul Hasam claimed himself to be a Shibir activists. He was caught with a scrap containing the name of the 10 scholars. Based on his statement, 7 others were apprehended. These arrested Shibir activists admitted that they sent out Mahmudul Hasan to vet out the site where they planned on executing the scholars.

Abdur Rahman Biswas admitted to being a Shibir activist and the leader of the team to execute the Islamic scholars. At the Panchlaish police station he told, "These scholars gives statements criticizing the 'Tafsir' (interpretation of Quran) by Delwar Hossain Sayeedi. That is the reason why we sent out one of us to collect information about names and addresses of the scholars and to keep an eye on them."

The OC of Pachlaish police station said, these 8 Shibir activists wanted to implicate the government for murdering the 10 scholars of the Sunni Madrassa. They are being interrogated for information about anyone else involved.

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