Brother of witness, musician Bulbul, against Golam Azam murdered

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Railway police recovered the deadbody of lyricist & composer Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul's younger brother from beside the Kuril flyover of the capital.

The musician was a witness against former Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Golam Azam in the International Criminal Tribunal.

OC of Khilkhet police station, Shamim Hossain, told BDNews24 that around 1am on Saturday, the dead-body was recovered from the east side of Khilkhet-Kuril flyover by the railway police.

To Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul said, "The dead-body is of my brother Miraz Ahmed. I can't say anything more at the moment. I want everyone to pray for me"

Sub-inspector of Khilkhet police station, Golam Faruk, said that the dead-body was not hit by the train. Foam was seen coming out of the mouth. Primary investigation points to murder.

As the 14th witness of prosecution, Bulbul testified about a conversation he had on Eid-ul-Fitr of 1971 with police officer Chhiru Miya and his son.

In his testimony he said that on that day, the Pakistani army took 39 people including Chhiru miya and his son outside of the jail after which they were shot.

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UPDATE: BDNews24 Cover of the news in English


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