Blogger Rajib’s Blood- A National Debt

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Submitted by rataswaraniya [Guest] on Tue, 19/02/2013 - 8:00pm

Freedom of thoughts and speech is a fundamental right and it does not require the thinker or speaker to be believer or atheist. But if this purposefully goes for subversive and anti-state occurrences, of course, that’s not the rights.

I knew Rajib as “Thaba Baba”- his virtual nick since I had started my blogging attempts; it’s been a couple of years now. I never knew his real name Rajib until he dies. We’ve neither met nor have we talked ever but I was familiar with his proposition which was questionless for the motherland and entirely against anti-independence and war criminals.

It is now clear that Rajib was killed due to his strong activism in the Shahbag Movement which had been fearful to the Jamat lead anti-independence circle. Most surprisingly, we can see this killing was a pre-announced occurrence. His name was on the top of the Shahbag Movement’s activist list published at Sonar Bangla Blog alias Sonablog- a platform of bloggers with alternative motivations- anti-progressive and influenced by Jamat’s philosophy. People say and I believe (one doesn’t need to have greater wisdom to reveal the characteristics of Sonablog and its bloggers) this Sonablog is funded and patronised by Jamat and I know at least one Jamati who has been an active blogger at Sonablog.

Personally I’m kinda IT handicap but I trust on the people who possess skills on IT and its technicalities. In spite of the vicious moves by Jamati circle to establish Rajib as atheist and animadverter to Islam, the discovered truth is that all anti-propaganda are made by the same group of people in the name of Rajib so as to establish Rajib’s name as an enemy of Islam. Technology reveals that a fake facebook account, controversial webpages- all were created on the day or the day after the brutal killing of Rajib. Isn’t it enough to read the ill intentions of those people who have been playing to make a division amongst the mass of Shahbag in believers and atheist groups? Their rigor has become worthless as the mass of Shahbag, firstly, gathered with a common demand of the capital punishment of the war criminals and banning Jamat’s rights from doing politic where religious beliefs and atheism ain’t an influencing factor; and secondly, the mass has already become aware of the dirty means that the Jamat circle has been planning and practicing. Now we have to look at the roles of the Government.

The people, especially the young generation welcomed the Digital Vision 2021 of this government. We have witnessed a couple of example where the government has caught a number of people allegedly involved in some cyber crimes. Rajib was threatened at Sonablog on the 11th February and killed on the 15th. What was the role of the intelligence of the government to stop this pre-announced killing? Even, despite such announcement, Sonablog was keeping them on business with insolence until it was hacked or blocked. Just look a little back- I don’t know how many of you have ever experienced such attack to the policemen in the daylights as the Shibir cadres have been doing over the last year and till date! It’s the time for the government to speak out and clarify their proposition.

Different departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs have been spending loads of money to maintain a gang of ‘Sources’. The taxpayers need to know how their money is being spent. If the government thinks these as failure of their intelligence network, they have to speak out in public. Jamat gives its cadres ‘license to kill’ and government systems have failed to prevent them- it’s not something the people want to listen and observe.

The killing of Rajib was indeed a threat to the mass of Shahbag to give up from their demands, which has become a failed attempt. Rajib’s blood has now been transmitted to the veins and arteries of the millions. It has given the mass more stringent determination to achieve their demands. But it is yet uncertain that how many more lives like Rajib’s we have to scarify if the government doesn’t seize Jamat’s ‘license to kill’.

Rajib left us behind with a load of debts, debts to his blood. People of Bangladesh will repay, for sure, through forcing the government to ensure maximum punishment to the alleged war criminals, and banning rights to politics to all anti-independence individuals and parties. We have the oath, we’re ready to fight till the eternity, we wait for the Sabbath, don’t know how far it is but we wait!


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