The world of phrase- action will be taken upon investigation

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Submitted by rataswaraniya [Guest] on Mon, 13/02/2012 - 12:20am

Kashya Modang Karjanchage- known to many, especially the people trade with land should know it well. Likewise, a popular English phrase- To Whom It May Concern. The English one is understandable to mass while the first one is not so easy to interpret. Recently I asked a young legal practitioner to make it easy for me but he couldn’t make it out. Although, this phrase is old, since a few centuries, but no reason and possibility there is to get it abolished.

Quoting Wiki,
Accountability is a concept in ethics and governance with several meanings. It is often used synonymously with such concepts as responsibility, answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and other terms associated with the expectation of account-giving. In leadership roles, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies including the administration, governance, and implementation within the scope of the role or employment position and encompassing the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

Hence, action will be taken upon investigation- a person would be rarely found in Bangladesh who haven’t ever hared this. Whenever a civil servant conducts a mass prejudicial, the Boss gravely comments, just another phrase like Kashya Modang Karjanchage- action will be taken upon investigation. But, what was the action taken lately, remains out of the mass knowledge.

Mass blast out with grievance in the recent incidence of brutal torture to Kader was subsequence of the acts of media and bloggers. Though we know the action. But the incidences of torture not only conducted by the cops but also have been happening quite often at the other government offices, and action will be taken upon investigation- pronounced out this trademark phrase by the big Bosses, how many of the actions have the mass come to know about?

Accountability is not only accepting the responsibility but also to ensure the answerability. Accountability remains incomplete without these. As citizens, the mass has due rights to ask for the account of work of the civil servants. But out bureaucracy and their patrons, the government is ever conservative in such transparency. The Major political parties are also none the less than each other in this regard. Once they are in the office, their real image appears that how shamelessly they can let the bureaucracy be autocratic. Perhaps, that’s why MK Alamgir wears Mujib Coat and MK Anwar wears safari Suit immediately after their tenure at the secretariat. The action will be taken upon investigation- you would find a thousand of links through google search. Most of you have already hared of these. But what you haven’t hared that much is, what action have been taken indeed upon the investigation.

Our political parties often circulate the say that people are the source of their power. But if they believe this by soul, they should disclose the actions taken against or in favor of the alleged civil servants for secure public interest. The governments must not forget that the mass brings them onto the chair and the mass itself through them away to the trash.

We want the disclosure of information of all the infringements and their corresponding actions taken of all the civil servants of the republic.


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