To close to smell her breath

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Submitted by guest_writer on Fri, 12/06/2015 - 3:32am

To close to smell her breath
- Rownak Albab

I went so close that I could hear her breath, Knowing that it is the largest cat species and it probably weighted more than 93-310 kg and can run up to 49-65 km per hour.

When I got back home I told everybody and I knew that, it was a very bad idea. They called the police. Some loaded their guns and some got there knives and machetes out...

‘We are going to kill it today and now!’ shouted a person with a gun. ‘Yes!’ shouted everyone except me. I hated the people who kills animals.

After 5-10 minutes they set off, I went there before them and saw the tiger laying down on the floor. She has gave birth to 3 baby cubs. One of them was very rare, it was the white tiger.

I touched the tiger, silence... nothing happened, nothing moved, then I realised that she was dead...

I had no choice, I had to take the cubs somewhere really safe. After, I took them to a cave. I just sat there and saw the people beneath me.

I didn’t go back to my house and I’ve lived with the tigers ever since...

PLEASE protect the cute animals! What have they done to you?


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Hey Rownak! It's great to see that you care so much about the animals! Protecting animals and nature is really important for us.

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I really liked the story.

It's very crucial for us to understand that, we are not self sufficient. To live happily in this planet, it's our duty to make sure that other animals are also living happily.

Please publish more of your stories. Take care.

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Well written. Keep it up. I will definitely be waiting for your next post.

মাভৈ, রাতের আঁধার গভীর যত ভোর ততই সন্নিকটে জেনো।

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বাঘের বাচ্চা

Every Picture Tells a Story

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বাঘের বাচ্চা

Nice writing. We should protect our nature.

কাচের জগে, বালতি-মগে, চায়ের কাপে ছাই,
অন্ধকারে ভূতের কোরাস, “মুন্ডু কেটে খাই” ।

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I like the way you think and the way you put your thoughts into words. Keep writing, please. হাসি


আমরা মানুষ, তোমরা মানুষ
তফাত শুধু শিরদাঁড়ায়।

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Precise and reflecting on your feelings. Liked it, keep writing. হাসি

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Good writing baba but too short. Waiting for a big write up from you।

আমার মাঝে এক মানবীর ধবল বসবাস
আমার সাথেই সেই মানবীর তুমুল সহবাস

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