Only a Lonely Sunset at Mooney’s Bay

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Submitted by Zohra Ferdousy on Sun, 03/11/2013 - 9:35am

The day is getting close to the end…the sunlight is disappearing…

There is a woman running on the beach. She makes marks on the damp sand. How far does she want to go?

Canadian geese are swimming in the water…they are making some sort of sound. What does it mean? A breeze is making small waves in the water; they are gently touching the shoreline. It sounds like soothing melody to my ear. Leaves are all around the park; some are still green, some orange, red, and even rusty dark brown in the late October. The air is a bit moist.

I walk down the park, getting closer to the beach. There are empty picnic tables here and there sitting on the ground. I walk towards the weeping willows standing on the edge of the shoreline. The leaves are swaying softly; I hear a welcoming music in that movement. The long, sweeping branches full of small leaves are calling me. My weary feet enter into the fortress of a particular tree, part of which is leant over the water. I put my back against the tilted trunk of the tree.

Night was coming over the beach with the flying geese. I close my eyes while leaning my back on the trunk. Slowly I turn off all the urban sounds of a busy city on a Friday evening. City buses caught in the traffic, impatient boyfriend driving to girlfriend, worried mother driving to fetch her children from daycare…it all fades away …it’s all quiet underneath the weeping willow …only at that moment, I hear a gentle voice whispering to me, “Finally, you came!…” I see a smile on her lips and tears in her eyes. It is almost impossible to separate them. I don’t reply anything other than throwing myself in her open arms…the way I did all my life…after my doll playing game went wrong, after reading my favourite book which did not end the way I dreamt of, after listening the most romantic song, after I first fell in love with rain, after I travelled to a far-away place….after every time I wished to fly in the blue sky…

I shed all my tears onto her shoulder. I am sure my mother knows everything; I don’t have to say a word to her…she even knows how bad I am in pretending that I don’t look through my window every night at the brightest star and say, “Maa, I miss you!”

October 25, 2013

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লেখাটি পড়ে মন বিষণ্ণ হল আপা। মন খারাপ

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So nostalgic ! Actually our happiest past always hunts our present and we want to get back our past. . . . . .

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