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Logistics & Supply Chain

Education on Logistics and Supply Chain Management- Open Horizon of Opportunity

রাতঃস্মরণীয়'s picture
Submitted by rataswaraniya [Guest] on Fri, 17/05/2013 - 10:50pm

Not so long ago, Administration department used to be the heavyweight wing of an organisation but personally I did not find much of its own work other than managing and maintaining utilities, leases, legalities, etc. Two crucial strategic and operational functions of an organisation, i.e. Human Resources and Supply & Logistics were covered under the sheet namely administration. However, good thing is the management bodies of comparatively younger generation have rightly understood the necessity of splitting the administration into several pieces. It has helped the functions like HR and S&L to own their identity and get recognition for their own achievements rather than being apprised as a good ‘admin’ fellow.