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Submitted by nilkanto on Mon, 21/04/2014 - 8:01pm


I live in a Rotten City. Every Morning I wake up hoping that I am in different world.

Technology has not gone that far I guess.

I open up the tap only to find metal sound of me moving the head.

No water. How many days it has been?

January, February, March....actually lost track.

I find myself trying to hear life. No water, no life I guess.

It's like the desert. People try to move as less as possible, to make as less sound as they can.

My name is Human and I live in a rotten city.


I live in heaven. According to you I guess.

Hahaha, what is heaven? Have you seen it?

Maybe it is. All the things you can imagine are here. You name it.

But I don't find it heaven.

What's that? You don't think so. You would die to be in my place.

Now, now, calm down. What's the rush?

Have you been without family? Far away from home? In a place where nothing seems to be yours?

My Son, you have a lot to see, lot to learn. Heaven may seem far away, but actually, it's with you, in you, in your mind.

You make your own heaven.

My name is Human and I live in a heaven, a heaven to you maybe.


24 April 2013. 8:45 am.

BBC Reports, "A 8 Storied factory building collapsed, casualties yet to be known"

Human turns on the TV. Deadly scenes. Cry for water, for saving their lives, for saving their souls.

Some may have cried at the last moment to be in heaven beneath the rotten city.


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