Family State: Youth in revolt-final

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"What's your aim in life?"
The boy looks at his mother. She answers, "My soon will be a great engineer."
My teachers used to insist me to pursue engineering as I was good in maths. Not pure mathematics! My mother did say the same thing. And I did not try to make them understand what I really want. Did you try? Will that boy try?

What I wanted to be-did it matter? the world will never know what that boy wanted to say at that moment.

We live our parents dream or we live our parents frustration-generation after generation. And for sure, we can handle that!

Parents-they do have their issues. But remember this (both parents and kids): Life is yours. You will sit for the exam not anyone else. You will see dreams in sleep not with parents. You will go to jail for killing someone, not your parents.

Relations outside of family:

I used to do counseling ( I think most will drop their jaw hearing this, as at present times I am short tempered and give shitty advices) about 4 years back.

Most of the problems with youths were related to affairs and failure in love.

But it all started from another place-the family. It was seen that the kids seeking counseling for affair reasons were not happy with their family state.

So, no matter how much we try to find peace outside, the true answer or remedy lies within the family.

Be open about your problems, youths. It does not that parents or elders will understand everything, but they certainly can help. Authority does not come from a badge or position, it comes from experience too. Yes, Experience about life. They do have experience more than we can think. May be not in the same exact issue.

Parents: Try to listen and if you can't find a cure, talk o someone who you trust. In most of the times, parents think they can't talk about their kids matter with other people due to prestige issues. Drop all that. Life comes first.

We do not easily understand the consequences of not having a family. We don't even realize though we see street kids or orphans and feel pity for them. But does it create any difference? They don't have parents and we have but still we hate them or we do not talk to them or even if we talk we just say hi to them. Almost like the way we say hi to passers by every now and then.

So, take deep breathes, inhale oxygen, hold your father's or mother's hand. And let your inner feelings go. Never worry about results. After-all, family matters.


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