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Submitted by nilkanto on Fri, 06/07/2012 - 9:16pm

They say, music can bind hearts even if they are far away.
Well If not, then how two person 6098 kilometers apart feel the same beats at the same time.

6098 kilometers!
the girl puts the map on the floor. Then one toe in one city, another one is on the other. Calls her roommate to help her out.
" See it's only a foot away", She laughs.
The boy on the other hand puts his glasses and scale into work.
"hmmmmm, only a foot that is."

There is a great Greek song
None of them is from Greece. Yet somehow they both somehow heard that unknown song.

coincidence I guess.
May be that's why 8 pm, boy's place on the street and 6pm, girl's on the dance floor, they walk little steps and rewind the song again & again.

It's just coincidence, coincidence indeed.
It takes 45 days for normal mail and yes, 45 days even for registered mail to reach their essence.

At that point, they both wish they were birds. Yes birds! And no other than ducks!
"quak, quak" and "pack, pack".
There you go a real coincidence. Not the same sound, heh?

Forgot to tell you it was spring. As it has always been in all stories. The beginning, the middle and the end.
Then comes the hard times, rains and colds. Life grows kind of hard. Full with disappointments, regrets. But yet they hold on to each other. Tight, tight , Tight.
Winter comes. They become pandas. Wanting touch and loVe . Just staying with each other and sharing warmth.
Then again the summer, time to make 'the Vow'. Time to come close and feel each other and become a sun. A single sun.

No, there is no end of this, there shouldn't be. It just goes on and on and on.


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I can relate to this story. It sounds just like MY story হাসি

Loved it ♥

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Thanks for Loving it চোখ টিপি

অলস সময়

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Wonderful piece of writing. As a reader I felt the full attraction until the last sentence. Each and every line touched me!

Thanking you,


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