Whimsical Rains

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Submitted by Jajabor.Backpacker on Sat, 02/02/2013 - 4:37pm

Another unique dream last night...
One every few months...
Woke me up so Early in the morning... and couldn't go back to sleep..
I shivered in the cold.. and closed my eyes trying to picture what it was all about ...



A city somewhere out of Asia...
A favorite and famous song that was written in its streets, in it's cafes...

Only I am not able to go to it's streets or the places mentioned..

I await by this lake or sea-shore or may be it's a park on a forest's edge..

My access to the paths to those places are restricted..

I'm kinda sad.. but not very devastated..

I just wait by the river or the shore or the forest or the park or may be by all of it..
And I look at the people, all those people that have access to it.. that can traverse those paths..

Somehow I fear that my stay there will be a very privileged access for only a limited time..

I try not to think negatively...
Sometimes I assist those that wish to go to the city..
I suggest the places they should visit and the places they should hang out.. I can see their joy and that makes me happy somewhere deep inside..

I follow the people, the children and the families and the lovers.. I see their happiness and sorrows and joys and excitement as if its all a movie on a Big Screen...

But I stay alone, lingering on the boundary..

Calm but impatient inside... Awaiting my time...

The time I can be there in that place of my dreams..

Where the song after my heart was written..

The song that speaks of you and me and the city we belong to somewhere across the oceans..


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It's like a poem. Weird; yet a pleasantly weird dream. And the song, it's just awesome!

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Thanks! The song is just beautiful, makes me sigh every time I hear it.

ঘুমের মাঝে স্বপ্ন দেখি না,
স্বপ্নরাই সব জাগিয়ে রাখে।

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Tonight, I will be by your side, but tomorrow I will fly…

Jajabor Backpacker, finally, I felt I should let you know how much I loved your piece. I read your piece and heard the song many times. The music touched my heart…your dream made me cry….

জয় হোক মানবতার ।। জয় হোক জাগ্রত জনতার

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I have weird dreams these days, I don't know what they mean half the times, and forget most of them before I wake up. But I think I'll remember this one for a very long time, it was so real... I kept feeling there was a song that was written for me, a very famous song, and that song was written in a place far away where I had never been to, yet I have to be there someday. I kept waiting for forever, while everyone else went there, I just kept lingering near the boundaries and my chances never came.

Sorry I saw your reply so late.. I am touched that my dream could touch someone else..

ঘুমের মাঝে স্বপ্ন দেখি না,
স্বপ্নরাই সব জাগিয়ে রাখে।

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