FAQs: Paris Attack - Double Standard, Conspiracy Theories

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Submitted by guest_writer on Thu, 19/11/2015 - 1:13am

1. Why do Middle East get almost no attention for terrorist attacks while Paris attack swarms the social media?

Humanity is universal and the value of every human lives should be equal. But we do not always observe similar public attention on all terror attacks despite being very similar incidents. Generally speaking, places where violences are regular get comparatively less public attention over time comparing to a place where violence is rare.

In the last three days, two places in the world have been hit by ISIS attacks. Questions have been swarming in Facebook and other social media about why there was a difference in public response between the attacks in Paris and Lebanon. Here, I am trying to look at the reasons for this apparently different responses by the media.

Some countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Syria etc. are passing a very critical time. These countries have been torn by war, overwhelming amount of violences, frequent terror attacks and mass murders. At the beginning of any incidents of such in any particular country usually start with making the headlines in the news but then eventually fades away due to the increased frequency of the violences and the war / violence torn area becomes no more a topic of interest for the most news and social media. For example, in the current world, people are getting sensitized with the repeated incidents of murders, bombings, slaughtering of human beings in many countries of Middle East.

On the other hand, West is considered as the safest place on Earth. An attack in a place like Paris therefore, shaken the whole World indicating that no place is immune to terror in today’s World. It is an unexpected and unforeseen situation which overwhelmed everyone. But there is no valid reason to take the overwhelmed response as ‘Western conspiracy’ against Muslims only. Because, if we look at other countries with frequent conflicts, e.g. Ukraine, Congo etc. as well got a little public attention.

We probably all remember watching horrifying photos of hostages waiting to be executed by ISIS. We saw ISIS destroying ancient monuments, statues, committing undescribable amount of violence and terror, practicing slavery and other barbaric acts. We also observed girls being kidnaped by Boko Haram that made headlines in almost all the Western media. Michelle Obama came up with the campaign ‘Bring back our girls’ after this incident. We saw the massacre at the University in Kenya where 147 innocent students were killed in the name of Islam. Therefore, people who think only Paris got attention are whether unaware of all the news or are inspired by conspiracy theories against West.

Lastly, most of the internationally popular media are owned by Westerners or established at Western countries and local news always get more attention. For example, BBC will prioritize most of their news that concern British citizens. Of course, it is undeniable that we could not create a World where every life gets similar attention. As unfortunate as it gets, it is a lot different to be a child in Ethiopia than to be in Europe. It is undeniable that, these unheard voices should come forward. But it is very unfortunate that the purpose of raising voice of most Muslims is either to feed apologist agenda or to defame and promote rotten conspiracy theories

2. Isn't it racist that Paris got enormous response from media just because the victims were whites?

Today we are talking so much about Paris NOT because the victims are mostly white people but because it terrified everyone with the realization that no place on earth is immune to terror. Even in the most peaceful, free, secular and open minded countries, where people including many Muslims choose to live a safe and cozy life, can no more be taken for granted. It has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy.
It's funny how according to Islamic law, non- Muslims are bound to pay 'Jizya' tax, non- Muslim women also required to cover if they wish to go out in a true Muslim state. Doesn't that sound disrespectful and discriminatory? Muslims who are living in Western countries enjoying all kinds of rights and freedom (protected by the law of the country) and still supporting conspiracy theories as a token to heaven, please look at your ideal Sharia abiding countries. Then think how would you feel to live a life there if you were a person with a different belief or, from a different background.

3. Didn’t America created ISIS?

According to a lot of theories, CIA or America once helped extremism flourish to create chaos in the Middle East, so that they America have a reason to interfere and do some oily business. They knew that they can very easily weaponize Muslims. And as a by-product, they got 9/11 and a long list of terrorist attacks and today's violent World. But did you ever thought why it was possible for America to weaponize these Muslims?

First, we have to accept that there is a deep underlying problem with Muslim community and faith practice. Only then we can look for a solution to fix it. It is impossible to stop extremism if we follow a script saying to behead unbelievers or apostates.

We have to understand that Americans are not putting their money to defame a religion. They are doing it for business and power.

Here is a documentary on IS inside stories. It is mostly about their lifestyle including the process how a child eventually turns into a Jihadist- please do watch if you find it similar to many Muslim's dream state. One of the common guilt feeling I used to see in my moderate friends and relatives is," oh! in this World, it is very hard to be a Muslim, to abide by all the rules (bank interest, burka , niqab etc) of Allah- so may Allah forgive us". Well, your wish to live a 100% pure Muslim life will no longer remain unfulfilled according to the lifestyle presented in the above documentary. Cutting hands off for theft, beheading people for drugs, apostasy and pretty much everything, display of barbaric torture in public in a daily manner- sounds perfect ways of bringing peace and prosperity to a country.

Muslims are so obsessed with blaming America but they don't see the filthy nature of the chair-leader of their own brotherhood. It is undeniable, behind the creation and sustainability of IS, Saudi Arabia is as much responsible as America, if not more. But nobody seems to talk about their sacred Saudi Arabia's role here. Even for condolences issues, why didn't Saudi Arabia presented the flag of Lebanon, Gaza, Syria on the holy place of Mecca to show solidarity? In 1971, India supported 10 million refugees in the time of the greatest distress of their neighbors. This very Western media fueled anger and anguish when Aylan Kurdi's fateful story came into attention. Despite many threats they extended their hands to help Syrian refugees whereas wealthy Saudi Government- owner and care taker of the holy Mecca remained silent.

4. Why blame all Muslims?

Of course, we can not blame all Muslims but we have to acknowledge that Islam is very delusional. The same text ‘Quran’ has all kinds of verses- starting from fairy tales to good virtues. On the other hand, it also commands to mock unbelievers and slay them. It has contents supporting slavery, disrespectful things about woman. There is no reason to deny, millions of Muslims follow these texts as holy and sacred. And the very same texts are inspiring ISIS, Boko Haram and all other extremists to kill innocent people. So therefore, it is high time Muslims call a spade a spade instead of being apologists. It is undeniable that there is reason to be phobic about such a delusional 7th Century text which turned into a horror with 21st century weapons. Countries who have perfect implementation of islamic law aka sharia law shows clearly what Islam promotes. Here, I am not talking about all the Muslim majority countries but only those who actually follow Islam to run their countries.

In today’s World, Muslims can be commonly divided into two groups on the basis of terrorism act and response. The first group is apparently peaceful; their intention is to live a respectful life and get heaven in afterlife. These people do not normally engage in any violence and can be called as ‘moderates’. But when it comes to a terrorist attack by any Islamist extremist group, these peace loving moderates seem to defend the terrorists in different ways. First response to an Islamic attack is usually a denial act. The moderates claim that Islam is perfect in every aspects and the terrorists do not represent the ‘true’ Islam or terrorists have no religion- they are just bad apples. They also think, Muslims are victimized and portrayed as terrorist by the West. However, the moderates rarely condemn the brutal acts of terrorists without any ‘buts’. This group show another strange feature: although they believe in the supremacy of Allah, America is a second God or Prime devil because they think America controls everything, aware of every terror attack on this planet beforehand, controls everything including Muslim minds and radicalizes them. During the Paris attack, some of these moderates even went one level up and say, America and France killed their own people to find an excuse to invade Syria or other muslim countries! Bottomline is, no matter what, they are going to defend Islam. Here is a interview of Islamic reformist Reza Aslan who thinks violence is not related to Islam:
And the article below counters his arguments:

The second group does not care about life on Earth what so ever. They are so in their imaginary heaven and into restoring the glory of Allah that they just go ahead and behead some non-practicing Muslims, Muslims who don't agree with their ideology (according to them not real Muslims) and of course non-Muslims.

I think, Muslims need to grow up and really get out of their supremacist ego. They should realize the fundamentals of all religions, why they have evolved and why it is not only possible but it is very crucial to modify Islam as par 21st Century. They have to prioritize their identity as a Human first and then think about religion.

There undeniable commands of hatred and extremism in Islam - majority either tags them with not ‘real islam’ or find an absurd explanation to prove it. Extremists who follow those verses so seriously that they are ready to sacrifice their own lives for it. Even these moderate Muslims are not immune from the extremist. But still they will not open their eyes and acknowledge problem with their religion of peace.Therefore, I think, it is high time Muslims took the violent, back-dated strange laws out of Islam instead of showing illogical excuses to defend every verse. Muslims need to be open to changes and eager to fight terrorism instead of playing victim and blaming. Instead of suffering from this conspiracy disorder- it is better to do something so that nobody can make Muslims their weapon to play World politics.



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I completely agree with you, bro. Muslims really need to readjust how they're going to practice Islam. I saw many Muslims never eat/drink food items that are forbidden according to Qur'an. However, they do plenty of things that are also forbidden (e.g., taking a bank loan with a fixed interest rate for buying a house) according to the same holy book. Clearly, they're prioritizing among the items that are considered "wrong" in Islam. Similarly, they should only practice the teachings that are non-violent and not harmful to others. We certainly need to be better human beings before becoming better Muslims.


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