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Have you ever thought about the origin of Jamaat's power which lets them commit such a massive terror throughout the country? How can they hire this multi-million dollar lobbying firm? Along with foreigners like Sharmila Bose, Tobi Kadman, and David Bergman, how do they control national traitors such as Kader Siddiqui, Pias Karim, Farhad Mazhar, and Asif Nazrul?

All of these questions have only one answer – Jamaat's powerful economic muscle. They have spreaded their influence in every business sector of this country. The everyday product you just bought from the market or the diagnostic center you are about to visit for a pathological test, could very well be something either produced or owned by Jamaat and their allies. Many people think that Jamaat, as a political party, is not the owner of these businesses; so, if a business is owned by an individual affiliated with Jamaat, why should we boycott their products? Unfortunately, someone who asks this question is either being deliberately misleading or he is too simple-minded to know that each of these supporters of Jamaat donate large amount of money to their party fund. Today, they are using your money to buy terrorists; who will probably torch your car tomorrow. So, it is not enough to defeat Jamaat on ideals, we also have to destroy their economic power. If their money supply ends many of their activities will automatically end.

As expected, many people have expressed their support to Shahbag Projonmo Square's call to boycott products owned by Jamaat. I will include those news, collected from last few days' news from traditional and social media, here. If you have more news about product boycott, which is not covered here, please let us know in comments. I can repost this article later adding those inputs.

No Diganta TV in Tangail: In solidarity with Tangail district’s student and common peoples' agitation program, demanding capital punishment for all war criminals including Kader Mollah, and a ban over Jamaat-shibir's politics, the cable operators of the district have stopped transmitting Diganta TV from Wednesday morning. News source.

Artists declare Jamaat's media boycott: More than hundred TV drama artists and other workers have expressed their support for the ongoing demonstration at Projonmo Square in Shahbag demanding capital punishment for the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. They have declared to boycott all media known as supporters of Jamaat-e-islami. News source.

No Diganta TV in Barishal: The cable network operators of Barisal have stopped Diganta TV transmission. Mr. Ajad Alauddin, the head of Diganta TV, Barishal bureau, has confirmed that Diganta TV transmission has stopped from Monday night. News source.
Diganta TV transmission stopped in Madarganj: The cable operator network of Madarganj upazila in Jamalpur has stopped Diganta TV transmission after being coerced by a local organization. From 17th February, Diganta TV is not available in Madarganj anymore. News source.

Diganta TV transmission stopped in Dharmapasha: The cable network operators of Dharmapasha upazila in Sunamganj have stopped Diganta TV transmission. The owners of two cable networks in the upazila have decided to stop the transmission and acted accordingly from Sunday night. News source.

Diganta TV transmission stopped in Lalmanirhat: The cable tv network of Lalmanirhat has stopped Diganta TV transmission in the district from last night (Sunday). On behalf of the cable tv network, Md. Saiful Islam has said that Diganta TV transmission has been stopped from last night supporting call from Shahbag demonstration. News source.

Diganta TV transmission stopped in Bagerhat and Khagrachari: Bagerhat cable vision has accused Diganta TV of confusing people about Shahbag movement with false information, and stopped Diganta TV transmission in the district. News source.

Diganta TV transmission stopped in Srimangal: The cable tv operators of Srimangal upazila in Moulavibajar district have stopped Diganta TV transmission. News source.

Diganta TV transmission stopped and Ibn Sina drugs boycotted in Vairab: In Vairab, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh Chemist and Druggist Society, Vairab branch, and Vairab Medicine Business Society have decided to boycott all the drugs produced/marketed by Ibn Sina, which is owned by Jamaat. News.

Savings withdrawn from Islami Bank, Bagerhat: Two customers of Islami Bank, Bagerhat branch, have withdrawn their savings from the Jamaat owned bank to show their support for the ongoing demonstration demanding capital punishment for war criminals, which started on 8th February at Shahbag. News. Listen to these two persons, who paved the way to boycott Jamaat products, interview here in Sachalayatan.

Savings withdrawn en masse from Islami Bank, Netrokona: After the call from the countrywide demonstration for war criminals’ capital punishment to ban insurance companies and banks directed by Jamaat, customers have started withdrawing their savings from Islami Bank en masse in Netrokona. News.

Savings withdrawn en masse from Islami Bank, Gopalganj: Yesterday morning, many customers withdrew their savings from Islami Bank, Gopalganj.

Internee doctors in Sylhet boycott Ibn Sina: The president of Internee doctors association of Sylhet, Mosharraf Hossain has said that they have decided to boycott Ibn Sina drugs in a meeting on Sunday night. They have decided not to prescribe any Ibn Sina drugs from now. News.

Aside these, media has been asked not to accept advertisements from organizations related to Jamaat. One of the leading online news portals, bdnews24, has already expressed strong support on this issue. Lets hope that other media organizations will also take necessary steps soon.

But, the biggest setback for them has been top world class banks’ refusal to do business with Islami Bank. Influential banks such as HSBC, Citibank NA and Bank of America have informed that they will not deal with Islami Bank anymore. As a result, top world class businesses such as Walmart, JC Penny, H&M, and Mark & Spencer, have objected to deal with Islami Bank. They are not accepting ‘Line of Credit’ issued by Islami Bank. Their request for the Central Bank’s help, makes it clear that the situation is out of their control now.

After the uprising of people, Jamaat has realized what the future holds for them. Your simple and honest intention is good enough to get rid of the poisonous politics of Jamaat-Shibir from this country. The organizations and products associated with Jamaat are not the only ones in market; you can easily boycott their product, get one from another brand, and instead of choosing their organization, choose a different one, even if you have pay for it.

Jamaat is maintaining terrorists and fanatics groups using your own money; one day these same people will go after you. Do not let three million martyrs blood cover your hands. It is high time to be vigilant and boycott everything related to Jamaat.


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People's Ban Jamaat-Shibir

The patriotic Bangali have started Banning Jamaat-Shibir by boycotting the sponsors like Islami Bank, Ibn Sina hospitals and pathology centres, Diganta TV Channel, Dainik Shangram and Amar Desh news paper, FOCUS Coaching centres, etc. People must know that the Jamaat-Shibir party members and their family members never buy services of any kind except these organisations. It is their fundamentalism, because they are "RAJAKAR" - Rajakar in 71 and neo-Rajakar today. Then why should you, if you are not a RAJAKAR, be a client of Rajakars' business. All the Jamaat-Shibir cadres (estimated number is about half a million) are on pay role. Their assignments are to run terrorist activities and create violence by bombing, hitting police, killing innocent public, burning transports, generating violence against women and minorities, and so on. If any of their cadre failed to carry out these assignment then he is not paid and he is punished. Once one becomes a cadre of Jamaat-Shibir, he never can leave though he realise that the Jamaat-Shibir is JIBONTO BHONDO (Totally rhetoric). According to Alems, the Jamaat-Shibir cadres are JAALEM.
The whole nation's demand is government must ban Jamaat-Shibir legally. The mass people have already banned Jamaat-Shibir, govt. must not take time to fulfill people's demand. The 14 Party Govt. must not behave like BNP with the people. BNP-Jamaat belongs to same coin. People believe, 14 party alliance believe in people's sentiment, people's demand and 71. If it is too late to ban Jamaat-Shibir, the whole nation shall be the extreme sufferer, and the leaders of 14 party alliance leaders will be hell responsible for that political devastation. The nation never wish any more political failure. Joy Bangla.

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