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Submitted by guest_writer on Sat, 16/02/2013 - 6:06am

What will happen if you speak out for democratic rights of the Nazis in any street in any country of Europe? Even the biggest evangelist of democracy will shove the flag of democracy right through your back. What if you go and complain to some human rights organization that the Nazi's are being deprived of human rights? They'll simply preach you tons of history lessons, and then they will issue a statement of condemnation.

During the World War II, approximately six million jews were killed in the span of 5-6 years in the holocaust. As a natural response to the massacre, the responsible Nazi leaders were brought to justice for the crimes against humanity in the shortest possible time. The Nazi politics was banned all across the Europe. Denial of holocaust is still considered as a punishable crime in most countries. Germany, being primarily responsible, had to go through serious punishments and financial penalty for compensation. The world leaders expressed severe condemnation against the massacre, and came forward to stop it.

Just after twenty-five years, another horrible genocide took place in one of smallest countries of the neighboring continent, Asia. Almost three million people were killed in just 9 months. Unfortunately this time the world was busy playing ping-pong and arms trade. When hundreds of thousands of children were dying without treatment due to starvation and malnutrition in the refugee camps near India-Bangladesh border, the voice of the human rights organizations was not heard that much. Perhaps the death of people of a poor country is not considered as human rights violation. When we earn our freedom at the cost of a sea of blood, 95 thousand Pakistani soldiers were arrested, and 195 among them were charged with serious war crimes. We then saw all the human rights organizations showing up with the Geneva conventions.

Why is such contradiction? Is that because we do not have the money to buy human rights? While walking on our soil stained with blood of three million people and tears of four hundred thousand raped women, could we care any less about these international organizations? Now that we are about to put an end to this dark chapter, why should we care about these organizations who are trading human rights for money?

After the liberation war, all religious political parties were banned, the citizenship of nearly 90 conspirators including Golam Azam were revoked. Our leader Bangabandhu might had many flaws, but he at least had the courage to ban Jamaat, to start trials of the war criminals, and to establish secularism in the Constitution. The leaders of our liberation didn't even waste a single second to eradicate the wicked principle responsible for the rivers of blood across Bangladesh in 1971.

After that came the dictator military government and the BNP government carrying Jamaat on their back, and we couldn't expect anything from them. But when Awami Leage government, after winning the election with two-third majority, is cutting deals with Jamaat and showing eye-washing excuses that they need unanimous agreement and support from BNP to ban Jamaat, then we feel a rush of hatred down our throat. This Awami League didn't need BNP's support to amend the constitution for changing the election systems. They can use their two-third majority for their advantage, but when it comes to establishing people's long standing demand, they need national unanimity!

Today Jamaat and Shibir have become so powerful that they dared to slaughter a blogger right in front of his house for his writings and participating in the non-partisan movement against Jamaat. The sharpness of their choppers and knives are increasing everyday. Next time it's not just the general people who'll be slaughtered, even the Awami League badge won't be good enough to get rid of their stabs.

I request the Awami League government, please read the election manifesto once again, remember the people's mandate, and keep your eyes on the offended youth that gathered in Shahbag square. Ban Jamaat/Shibir immediately, otherwise the agitated people may not wait for you. Take advantage of this opportunity, our support is with you.


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Congratulations - The 14 Party Alliance that you have pass the ICT Amendment Bill today, showing your sincere respect to the popular movement led by the Torun Projonma (the new generation), paying your respect to Shahid Blogger Rajib, playing your political commitment to your voters to do correct job in correct time, and discharging your role, responsibility and duty as Law Makers. Honorable Lawmakers, we, the whole nation salute you for your today's noble role in the Parliament. We, the youth, are giving blood; as you, the Freedom Fighters, gave blood in '71 to make the motherland free from Pakistani Occupation - Pak Army and their Rajakar, AlBadar, AlSams and the Jammat - E- Islami party. Our beloved motherland became an Independent country at the cost of Three million Shahid, half million Birangona and towering amount of sacrifice of 75 million Bangali. But, our beloved motherland Bangladesh has not been free from Rajakar, AlBadar, AlSams and their organization Jamaat-e-Islami party and Shibir. We, the whole nation, must salute you for your prompt necessary actions to bring the Rajakars and Jammat, Shibir under trial towards make our beloved motherland Bangladesh free from Rajakar. The whole nation is in 'Liberation War' against Rajakar, victory of this movement is a must. Joy Bangla.
Dr. Hamidul Huq

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Nice to see your example of the Nazis with Jamaat as war criminals. I think we can bring this to the attention of western media. They view Nazis with hatred. But when it comes to Jamaat, they are silent. We need to cause awareness in them.


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