On Procrastination

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Submitted by faha on Thu, 06/09/2012 - 7:47am

What are the things you do when you procrastinate? Here is a list (incomplete, of course) of what I do while procrastinating:

  1. check gmail, yahoo, facebook for new updates/messages, every five minutes
  2. watch youtube documentaries on Kubrik and his movies
  3. write poems
  4. listen to TED talks

  5. google my own name
  6. search for tutorials on how to avoid procrastination
  7. read online newspapers, yahoo news
  8. follow U-19 game scores on cricinfo, every ten minutes
  9. make a to-do list of the things that I must complete by today
  10. check gmail, yahoo and then facebook, again
  11. deny urgent phone calls on the ground that I am at my workplace
  12. search lost school-friends on facebook
  13. wait for the lunch time to arrive and decide to start the day's work at 1:30 pm sharp. By sharp, I mean SHARP.
  14. but soon after, decide to wait till 2:00 pm (after that time I would start working like horse)
  15. start writing a blog when it is 1:52 pm, finally able to post it at 3:20 pm
  16. check out comment section of the just-posted blog, every 7 minutes
  17. google my own name, again
  18. check facebook updates, revise my old albums, then start revising friends'
  19. what the hell! its already 5:25 pm and I haven't start working! Make a list of what I would do tomorrow. The first one of the list – rise from the bed at 5:30 am and go for a run.

Everyone of us procrastinates, I bet, even our bosses and their bosses and so on. Its a hierarchy of procrastination. Even the God procrastinates. Examples? Well, He could have made the world way way before the Big-Bang. But He procrastinated. He procrastinated and procrastinated and when the deadline approached (and in fact arrived), He found that no time was left to finish all those “creating” to be done, at least in the way He originally planned. So, He said, "what the hell! Let there be light"... and there you go, BANG!

The result is that even after millions of years of evolution, we still have no control over the most excited and blood-sucking organ of our body after it is done with whatever it likes to do the most . It was not supposed to be like this, had He not procrastinated for His sake!

So you see, procrastination is bad. Its bad for you and for your health. So wake up, stop writing a stupid stupid blog, or stop reading a stupid stupid blog and start writing the reviewer responses that are due tomorrow.


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i havn't read this until today; Well written (not so 'stupid') চোখ টিপি and now i realize i have gigantic procastination and i am egosyntonic মন খারাপ

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i think, everyone of us procrastinates!

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How do you know my enryday routine?
চোখ টিপি

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you are sooo like me হাসি

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