Family State: Youth in revolt-2

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Submitted by nilkanto on Sun, 25/08/2013 - 10:52pm

Smart phone and internet.
A new issues in parenting. In a country where most don't know the proper use of things, it's should not stun many.

How to deal with tech issues related to kids-is a major headache for parents.

They can not help but to provide a cell phone considering the safety. But in most cases-the phone is misused.

It's affects are crucial. Most of the kids who use cell phone stay awake all night and talk. The trend was initiated by a promotion called 'Djuice' by grameen phone offering anyone to talk all night with 2.60 taka only.

As a result, most of them don't want to go to school in the morning. Their habits change, as well as their cycle of metabolic activities.

While working as a teacher, I dealt with such issues. The guardians used to complain about their children being awake all night playing video games, chatting on internet or talking on phone. Some of them even suggested solutions of their children being tired: Reduce the number of subjects in class.

Now, I understand why they don't want their children to stop doing things at night. They may lag behind in playing video games, chatting on internet or talking on phone. That matters in this advanced age of technology.

The effect is more than it seems. For example, the students who don't have the luxury (or whose parents can't provide the cell phone) are often ashamed and feel missed out. So, they try to create pressure on the parents and start demanding. (Not all of course does this, some feel frustrated then decide to get his/her cell phone/laptop one day by himself/herself) Some who had the luxury but not the liberty, grab the chance to point out, "Look mom/dad, She/he has this. Are we that poor or My result will be bad or I will lag behind in competition."

So it, resonates: The infinite freedom and frustration.
Then comes the question of other things: a separate room, regular pocket money, what's for tiffin, new dresses, weekly parties in school, colleges, coaching centers or for birthday, valentines day, anniversary day.

How much of this, these kids' parents did in their teen days? Were their life this fast?

Most kids never try to make their parents understand, even when the parents are willing to learn. I did that even couple of years back. Whenever my mom came with something that I thought she wont understand, I used to drive her away. For the last one year, things have changed. The realization came: When I took 3 hours to understand an old process. Even our fast brain does take time!

On the other hand, in this ultra fast economy parents, run fast as bullets with activities.

Parents, you should stop right there. Spend some time with your kids. Try to listen (not agree) to what your kids have to say. Many complain; I only see my parents together in the table while dining.

My point here being-listen when you have the opportunity. If not, then make opportunity. After all, family matters and it's state of course.

(to be continued)


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The mindset of people have shifted dramatically. Now, I see too many teens being driven by impulse. They need to be a bit patient. I know -it is easier said than done. I was a teen at one stage of my life. I wanted Yo-yo when it hit the market, wanted a pocket video game. However, I was patient in those demands. I would be happy if I was given those goodies. If not, I could live with that.

Now, the society is based on 'Just Now' attitude. It is like: I want to have a new phone (just now), I want to fall in love and date somebody (just now), I want to be rich (just now).

Thank you for taking time to write these articles about youth. I am not sure if you took the title from the Michael Cera's 2009 movie Youth in Revolt

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