so cold

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Submitted by nilkanto on Tue, 25/12/2012 - 3:21am

shivering cold.
wrapped up in all kinds of pajamas, sweaters, coats, blankets- we walk, on the frozen ice. Even the dead leave the place in cold.
Hands become numb in few minutes. legs covered in woolen socks are aroused by the chilled wind. the wind strikes us like spikes.
May be one of us will be dead tonight. It would have been a funny thing. The local newspaper would have gotten a hilarious headline. "2 dead while burying one." There is none though, to write so.
I would not have come. But it was my mom. Could not keep her for long at home. After 2 days of lying on her dead-bed, she finally will get a resting place.
Well, she should be happy. She will lie in the same grave as my father. Not easy to find a land in this place. They use to call it 'mass grave' before. Now, only grave. It takes more energy to pronounce 2 words.
30 years ago, I used to write blogs. One of my first blogs was about a family eating their cat due to hunger. I thought about it for a long, specially for the last 5 years. Will a day like that come?
I did not get a chance. All the cats died, before providing me an opportunity. Can't deny I would not have done it.
We reach the place.
One less, I guess. One less to think of, one less to feed, one less to care about. More for us.
Each breathe now we take, it's just to live a day more, a day more. Nothing else.
I feel so cold...
Inside my heart...


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