Dead Meat

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Submitted by nilkanto on Fri, 23/11/2012 - 11:12pm

What lies behind is dead meat of thoughts.
Totally dead, even I do not want to accept their existence in my mind.
Sounds like extremists?
Well, we are so. We are group of people who are extremists. Extremists who kill their own thoughts, kill their own will and most of all, they are killers of their own judgement? What there to judge, they guess. Oh sorry, they don't even guess.
That's why each day at home, at office, on roads, we kill our emotions, bury our opinions inside our head. That's why, we forget of smashed dead body instantly and get ourselves a drink. That's why, we can rape and sleep with our wives the very same day. That's why we can see someone being abused or beaten or discriminated and walk away. We shut our brains though people say to shut the eyes.

We all are extremists!
Sack of dead meat.


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