Demographic status and my experience

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We are living in such kind of world in where we have to face complex and harsh reality. We have to lead our life into the path of cultural and social confliction. Sometimes we discriminate and sometimes we are being discriminated. So as everybody I have personal experience of discriminating and being discriminated. I can recall a time when I felt uncomfortable or targeted because of my demographic status. When we target people offensively for their demographic status then that behavior is highly interconnected with racism. In some point of our life we become the victim of racism. Sometimes we are being treated as we should not.

In our country, Bangladesh minority issue is a big problem. I treat myself as Bangladeshi but sometimes I have to face such kind of behavior that forced to think me that I am the minor citizen of Bangladesh. It is a very common issue in the whole world that people become the victim for the fundamental activities of religious activist. In our country we observe that these kinds of occurrences have occurred often. As many people I was targeted for my religion. If I have to describe myself I have to say that I am a secular person. I believe that there should be no confliction between the state and religion. Practicing religion is a personal matter.

I used to celebrate my religious festival by fire cracking from my childhood. Especially in the time of “Durga puja” and laxmi puja we celebrate our festival by fire cracking.. Though this is not the part of religious activities but since my birth I have observed this kind of celebration as cultural activities. Bangladesh is a multi-cultural country. In the time of Eid I celebrate festival with my muslim friends and in the time of puja they celebrate the festival with me. It creates the harmony of celebrating culture .But in 2002 when I was the student of class Ten, Bangladesh government declared operation clean heart which was performed by Bangladesh Army. So they set their campaign in my zila. I was not concerned with their activities. I would take preparation for celebrating laxmi puja .So as previous years I bought fire crackers with my friends. To us it was a pure and harmless entertainment. So we began our celebration from the day before laxmi puja. In the evening of the festival day, I was going to attend a party with my friend. We were invited by our neighbor. So on the way we were celebrating by fire cracking. But suddenly I observed some people were moving in front of us. With utter surprise I saw they were armed. Then when they approached us I realized they were army person. They ordered us to stop. We immediately stopped. They raised their weapons which were pointing to us. I was confused and scared as my friend. They treated us as we were terrorist. One of them who is the senior officer ordered us to raise our hand. We followed his order. Then he ordered his fellow officer to search my pocket. Before he reach me I gave him some fire crackers. Senior officer ordered his fellow to deactivate the bomb. To hear the word bomb I became more scared. I was an innocent boy. I was not the terrorist .But they treat me as they want to think. The officer said that you people are doing crime. Then he claimed us as criminal. I did not say what to say. But I had to say something. I said we are celebrating our festival. He said this is crime. I said nobody told me that before. He became angry. He said this is muslim country. In muslim country celebrating with fire cracking is forbidden. I said my muslims friends celebrate with us. He said angrily that they are not muslim. He said that you people are disrespecting our religion. You have no wright to do that. I was stunned by his speaking and behavior. I said I have respect for your religion. He said to me stop you Satan. Then he ordered his fellow man to beat us. His subordinate had beaten us brutally. After beating us they left us.

This occurrence affected me psychologically. First time in my life I was punished for my demographic status. Army officer had beaten me because I am the representative of minority people and I celebrate laxmi puja by fire cracking. I was celebrating without knowing that I disrespect another religion. No muslim said me before that this kind of celebration is offensive to them. This is the terrific experience of my life and I realized that how people have to suffer for their demographic status.

Rasi Majumder


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