Jamaat shibir: a very well organized team against Bangladesh

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Submitted by guest_writer on Tue, 19/02/2013 - 10:43pm

I am starting with the name of martyr Zobayer Hossain Rimu, starting by remembering those martyr whose names are forgotten by Bangladesh! Even though Bangladesh has forgotten, Jamat-Shibir is still reminiscent of their success. Starting by remembering those parents who taught their children the true history of Bangladesh’s birth, but did not get justice for the murder trial of their own child. And I neither have any family kinship with those martyrs nor political relationship, who has anyway? And we, the spark of a generation of people, have learnt all the list of martyrdom monument, chancel, tombs, monuments, like I learned to eat rice! We demand justice for all these murder trial on these claims, we will not agree so easily to forget all!

I feel pity for those who can only think about Jamat-Shibir in 1971, who are thinking about going home after the trial! Those are fool who thinks of Jamat-Shibir with two hairs in their beard and three tabij, those are even more fool who think that after the trial Jamat will be free from scandals! What does scandal have to do with Jamat!

We hold hands to be in solidarity with each other, and Jamat-Shibir hold hand with blades in between their fingers and cut the vein of other’s arm and leave saying “Alhamdulillah”! Their vein-cutting syndrome started this very way (Acknowledgement: thanks to Saif for reminding). Do you have any idea about the murders done by Shibir? I also did not have, I never wanted to have any idea. Never thought of writing about it, spreading words about it, who thinks of selling this idea as the fight against Jamat-Shibir? But you are a fool if you think about the murder by Jamat-Shibir only as murders. Think about it differently!

Jamat-Shibir kill people by considering human anatomy. They use butcher knives, blades, specially-made-rod. As the bullets have become pricey, they do not use bullets for everything. Are you afraid? It is high time to overcome the fear. You don’t have to be afraid of me. Think that you have found some time to steady yourself. You are thinking about Jamat-Shibir’s vein-cutting in one sharp move, but the reality is different. Jamat-Shibir cut the vein in various shapes and forms, in very fine way. Before they cut the vein, they have to control the target; they do it by hitting on a particular place on the head or a special place near the kidney. If they decide to slaughter the target, they have specialist butcher for that purpose, they practice for it, they do dry-run for it. During the actual murder, they have backups if something goes wrong, those backups have more backups; after the incident, they have review meetings to analyze how to do murder of the targets more precisely next time!

I am saying all this for only one reason, to demonstrate their brutality. Why do you have to understand it? Because the war we are fighting have not started yet, ending of it is far far away! The Razakars in 1971 have children and they reproduce in large numbers! After 1975, Razakars recruited new razakars, the new recruits have hired more recruits, the newer recruits continue to hire more; Their never-ending money has bought the leaders of Awami league, BNP, leftists, and new Razakars. Their foundation in the Bangladesh politics is very strong. Now as people have started to protest against them, this protestation is also not tolerable for the structure of the state…It will be a true war, if you, I, we, can ensure what three million martyrs wanted to say. We have to do I nowt, if we cannot do it now, we can never do it again…

Have you heard of any Shibir in you area confessing that he is a Shibir? Or even Jamat? Can you identify anyone as Shibir in the hundreds of thousand of people in Projonmo-Chattar? You don’t know how many of them are Shibirs. But Shibir knows how many Shibirs are paid to be in Shahbag. Yes, PAID. They are also promoted based on their commitment and contribution. They know other Shibirs very well. One key difference between fellow Shibirs with each other and us is we are all united by our humane relationship. Shibirs do not marry or love outside of their society, they can’t, we have not heard of it. You can try to become one of them, but you cannot, because everything in their system is hierarchical, to be one of their co-workers, you have to go a very long way…

We name our friends like “dark Suman”, “bad Salim”, “foolish Kuddus”, “dumb Suman ” etc etc. We sometimes address each other by full names, or use about any word in the world. But Jamat-Shibirs do not follow this rule. They have very formal relationship with each other, they address each other by their fullnames, we have observed this in certain groups sitting in Projonmo-Chattar. Sometimes Madrasa students also follow this culture, so we let it go. However, we have heard that the new generation of Jamat-Shibir is very smart, the only thing they do not forget is the characters of their master Golam Azam.

What do you want? If you want that after the movement is over, everything will be normal, then be sure that after another 25 years, the new generation of Jamat-Shibir will be ministers, will rule the country, kill many many people, and torture your next generations.

What do you believe? It is once again proven in Bangladesh that people are first. You will get the same Bangladesh after 5, 10, or 15 years as you envision it as a person. There is a big impact how people think as a whole, you cannot deny that. If you are here today, then stay. None can stir your conscience other than you, you are responsible for holding you true spirit. Jamat Shibir dare to address the women in the movement as prostitutes. They never learnt to treat people as human beings.

If you want to judge, analyze everything on base of your religion, everyone else has to follow what you ask them to do, women will wear only the dress you approve of because you cannot control/restrict your sexual desires, others have to lead their lives according to your rules, you can earn illegal money but the bank account would be in your mother’s or wife’s name, Jamat-Shibir was kidding when they addressed our women as prostitutes, if you think every Muslim in the world is brothers, so every Pakistani and the Saudi Arabian is your brothers as well, then you are not born from your mother’s womb, you are practically an animal and a bastard!

In Bangladesh, if we cannot ask an old rickshaw-wala respectively to drive us to the destination, we cannot seat on the floor when we go to visit a farmer’s home, we cannot have dinner with the domestic helper who helped preparing the meal, then these are not the success of Jamat-Shibir, these are our failures as a nation! Projonmo-Chattar is not only for demanding death sentence for war criminals, or banning Jamat-Shibir, we should sing all the songs of humanity.

For the time being, let us only demand justice for what Jamat-Shibir did to our women in 1971, it is long way to treat them for calling our women prostitutes. Jamat-Shibirs cannot have any mother, they are the products of only their bastard fathers!


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