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The lady tries to make her face grimy, terrible, dreadful as like the Death. Spread out the eyes in full length. Shouting like the Thunder. Dancing like snakes. As she is coming to kill the girl.
The girl starts acting. She makes herself a statue. A frightened statue. She knows this keeps the drama rolling. She starts watching.
The girl loves drama. All the time she wants to sit down before the television. Indian family drama serials are really fantastic. The jingling sound of quarrel. Conspiring whisper, expressive gesture, grooming suspense of the moments -are very very testy. Like sauce. Sweet & sour. Some moments pick pungent. She loves it all the time. Even, she goes her bad with the imagination of those drama serial character & the events. It is not stopped even when she is in deep sleeps. Drama comes down into his closed eyes through dream. She is really love it. The Indian drama serial
The girl gets the scope to watch TV almost whole the day. The lady everyday goes out in the morning. Within 9 she has to enter in her office. The day becomes night, when she will return. This all time the girl eyes are on Indian drama serials. All are the same. Conflict within the family. Every small thing has become the reason of battle. The fight & fight are going on. There are no beginnings; they have no ending. Only it continues. The locked house maid starts swimming in the drama.
But after returning the lady from the office the drama world has broken. She involves the girl with general routine works. But it’s boring. No suspense. No tension. No pace. Boring, Boring & Boring. No excitement. The girl starts waiting. When it will occur? The lady start moving a corner from another. Waiting has created some tension. What is the first reaction? She tries to think. Every moment she expects the sound. Every silence moment create the tension compact. The girl has already made the arrangement. She placed some wastage behind the door. She also keeps some plate in half clean. & putted the broom under the table. Displaced some clothes. These all things will make the lady angry one by one. & the excitement will be born.The girl knows how to make her excited.
Hey, the sound came. The girl smiles in her mind. Or not. The shouting is opened up. . Be Hot, hot, hot… more more more, the girl prays.
`hey..,...’- the lady continuing the fire…
The girl is standing like a statue. Anyone could mistake in thoughts to see her, she will never move. .


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