Letters to Mayabee: 01

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Think about 10. Beautiful. Let us go. For jujudshu in the moon. .
Ah Mayabee! Don’t laugh. I’m in my way of expression.
It is very important. For you. & Us.
The result of Brain analysis of Neymar. Number 10. The Brazilian Football Hero is very important. Could you tell the essence of that research? This is not game. This is science.
The Japanese Scientist said Neymar’s brain works 10% less then others. & This is the key of his success. How?
10% less working.10% less pressure. 10% relax. 10% natural.
Makes more Fluent.
More Dancing.
More Celebrating.
More beautiful.
For everybody, the message is -
If you 10% reduce your activities- the impact is thousand times more delightful affectivity.
This is essence of the Scientific Analysis.
Very very interesting.
No.. no…no, This outcomes are not interesting.
These outcomes testify the ancient experiences. The Yoga. Dhan.
The interesting part of this research is- Mr. Barak Obama, President- United States of America.
Yes. Barak Obama & his involvement pattern with this research is interesting.
In Indeed, The research on Neymar is a small part of a Big Natural Research. Barak Obama & the Japanese Scientist are both working together in this project.
According to natural history of human progress The Time has come to Change.

Now, listen. What present time says?
Be active more,
Work, Production, Value
No time,
No breath
Keep rolling
Run Lolla run…
Every one becomes personality less.
It creates imbalance. So nature suggests
Experience your neutrality.
Breath. Feel. Take the nature.
Explore your personality.
Identify your relationship.
Be the world.
Be - O My Lord.
This research is the part of natural activation process to push the slowness into the human & social active norms.

How Barak Obama is involved?
He participated as a researcher in this project. His assignment is with Marijuana.
He took Marijuana as researcher & from his experience he gives his testimony. Marijuana is good in little amount. Like 10%

And you can also consider the editorial of New York Times. They demand the legalization of Marijuana. Cigarettes are more harmful for human body. If the Cigarettes are legal, then why not Marijuana?

Do you locate how the perception & presentation of Cigarettes have changed by recent past years?
Advertisement of Cigarettes was banned at first. , `It is harm for your health’ type lines are tagged in packet. And now, every cigarette packet is seemed like a Billboard- where a Big warning jumps into your eyes `Cigarette kills you’.
Don’t understand?
What is the relationship between two researches on Neymer & Marijuana?
& the relevance of Cigarettes?
Very easy.
Marijuana- makes slower the mental activities. Cigarettes make faster.
Marijuana makes distance with the activities. Broad & long perspective has opened. You can stay in yourself more. Everything comes to you easy. You can understand your nature. Every thing becomes slow. Like nature.
The natural path goes through balancing the opposite. In nature rest & activities belong together. In this time we need some restful moments to make the balance. It’s natural. Cause the society has already reached at the hyper point of activities. This time requires you to go slow. For this You even could take controlled amount of Marijuana. Little amount. Such amount that could bring 10% slowness, inactivity, nothingness into you. Remove your tensions. Extras. But no Cigarette. It makes you faster & tensed. Make you more imbalanced. So be aware.
The brain research of Neymar is operated for giving the scientific ground to deactivate or make slower the activiest (over active) modern life cycle. For the necessity of redefining the productivity from the political ground President Barak Obama opens the fire. And New York Times takes its role to make social urge for be slower. Marijuana is good. Be slow.
This is game. Game of Balance.
10% Less. Be- Number 10.
No Mayabee. Marijuana is not the only way. This is also an extra. You can say it is not proper. You can. You can say the better.
Reading more than viewing cinema is a way.
Painting in stead of Photography is a way.
Writing diary is way.
Keep in silence is a way.
Yoga is a way. Dhan is the way.
These all ways is broader way than marijuana to make self slower to be more potential.
Really this is narrow way. Very narrow. But the most people are habituated to walk in narrow way. So Ganja (Marijuana) revives. We’ve nothing to do. We always are synthesis- between the lines of thesis & Antithesis.


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Live in the present.If you live in the present there there will be no past and future.You won't be concerned by history and dream.You will simply exist as cosmology.

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Thanks. For your very right understanding. Really these words are try to be composed from the point of view of a cosmic character...

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