The Hermit with an iPod

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Submitted by himu on Tue, 30/10/2018 - 10:41pm

There once was a hermit called Sadhu
who sat silently under a fig tree.
Years flew by and decades bid adieu
then he saw the light at hundred-and-three.
All those years he dined on cosmic moonshine
and munched on a few fallen fruits.
He raised a sharp fart from a bubbly gas-part
and lovingly he named it Le Shootz.
The clouds then shuddered and the dragons then fluttered
and the fig tree then committed suicide
when Sadhu raised a butt to open what was shut
and lovingly he let Le Shootz slide.
He put on his kettle when everywhere dust settled
and pulled out his iPod with his tongs
He scrolled and he searched with his bushy brows arched
and he selected this Manna Dey song.


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হো হো হো Poor Mannada.

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